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Value Added: How the Blockpass Marketplace Promotes Growth and Security

Matthew Warner | December 2019

One of the developments that Blockpass is most proud to have added and expanded on over the course of 2019 has been the Blockpass Marketplace. Launched earlier this year, the Marketplace is a space where Blockpass users can find details of all Blockpass’ partners - companies and businesses they can onboard with using their Blockpass identity. Not only does the Marketplace provide a single location for users to find the services available to them, but it also lists the variety of special details that are provided through these partnerships, exclusive to Blockpass users.

The value of Blockpass’ Marketplace cannot be underestimated, with many different factors contributing to its overall benefit. Perhaps most significant of these is the role the Marketplace plays in growing the Blockpass ecosystem. The main value of Blockpass lies in its ability to provide cost effective and simple KYC whilst giving users control over their personal data; however, this KYC becomes even more efficient and attractive as the number of Blockpass partners grows and the size of the ecosystem increases. 

As more companies are added to the Marketplace, so more users are encouraged to create their Blockpass Identity and engage with the variety of services on offer – leading to a more attractive space for future merchants who are then incentivised to partner with Blockpass and offer their services. Blockpass users represent a gathering of forward-thinking, tech-savvy individuals with an eye for innovation. Businesses are always eager to meet these kinds of people as they are more likely to understand the benefits afforded by new developments with cutting-edge technology. 

For Blockpass users, as the Marketplace grows, they can enjoy a greater number of instant-onboarding options and special offers, making the Marketplace a key value added to the ecosystem. With a larger user base and Marketplace, Blockpass encourages new partners to offer even more attractive deals, bonuses or giveaways as a benefit to our community, which rewards those who have created and are using their Blockpass identity and choose to take advantage of the offers. It also means that Blockpass users can find the latest innovative and ground-breaking companies in one place; they are ready to on-board with new companies and leverage their services or become involved with any ongoing token offerings or similar offerings instantly. 

We are constantly working hard to find more partners and to bring even bigger and better deals to our Marketplace for users to enjoy. Please feel free to get in touch with Blockpass via email or social media to let us know how we can improve the feature for you. If you would like to get in touch with Blockpass about partnerships or AdPASS, please send a message to the marketing or sales teams.