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Access a network of thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

Our network consists of tens of thousands of active crypto enthusiasts and blockchain investors who are interested in the most recent and most promising events, start-ups and ventures. Gain access to this pool of potential through our AdPASS campaigns.

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Join Our Expanding Community

Our community of thousands keeps growing and evolving, and with your partnership and project, it will grow even further and even faster. Every new partner makes the AdPASS ecosystem more useful and attractive to potential customers.

Verified user pool access

Blockpass users are verified through our KYC Connect product.

Through AdPASS, you gain access to a regulatory compliant solution that means you have instant access to tens of thousands of pre-verified users who can immediately sign up to use your services.

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Only pay for what you get.

Using a cost-per-acquisition model, your products and services can be exposed to tens of thousands but you will only be charged $1 for those that then go on to sign up with you - an efficient solution for onboarding new customers.

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Multiple platforms grow user exposure.

The more platforms that use AdPASS, the greater the number of potential clients each one is exposed to. This effectively improves the value of the AdPASS services for users and Blockpass partners alike.

Blockpass mobile application designed for your customer

The Blockpass App is a portable vault designed to secure personal documents on the go. It provides a direct communication channel to deal with KYC and identity verifications.

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A network of thousands of high quality crypto enthusiasts are verified and opted in… get access today!

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