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Blockchains typically don't have an identity layer

Anyone can create a crypto wallet and interact with any Dapp on a blockchain. This is a problem that leaves blockchains susceptible to fraud, false accounts, ransomware, cybersecurity risks for Dapp developers, issuing smart contracts for tokens.

The Solution?

PASS Verify

A product for blockchains offers a ‘foundational’ identity layer for all blockchains providing verification together with anonymity to users.

How does it work?

Note that to have access to the PASS Verify service you will be required to have PASS tokens in your wallet (this commercial arrangement may change).

PASS Verify is not available for United States passport holders at present.

The Benefits of PASS Verify


Authentication of users accessing Dapps - only PASS Verify wallets can access the service. Useful to combat trolls or misuse.


Creating a ‘walled garden’ surrounding a smart contract to prevent intrusion attempts by anonymous wallet addresses.

Blockpass Identity Protocol & PASS token

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