Blockpass’ Security Token Offering Platform Integration

Blockpass can be fully integrated with security token offering (STO) platforms to enable onboarding investors using the Blockpass KYC Connect system and sell and issue security tokens in any form to STO investors.
Programmable STOs

STO conditions are programmable and self-executing through smart contracts.

White Label

Bespoke solution for issuers with branding added to the platform to give a seamless experience for investors.

Cloud STO Solution

Cloud based, on demand full solution for STOs, with functionality that includes management of investor registrations, investor due diligence (KYC/AML) and token purchases.

User-centric Identity Management

Investors manage their identity data, personal wallet and any updates to their KYC profile, which only they have access to. Blockpass keeps no data. No third-party servers are involved.

Security Token Wallet

Fully integrated, branded mobile wallet solution designed for security tokens that enables direct access to STO investors and transferability between wallets.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance solutions providing investor voting and decision making to be implemented directly in the platform.


Global regulatory KYC/AML compliance embedded into the platform, wallet and tokens.

In-Platform Messaging

The ability to send investors in-app notifications regarding STO roadmap, news and events.

Token wallet 0
Security Token Wallet
The Most Convenient Way to Issue, Hold and Transfer Security Tokens

The Blockpass STO Platform offers a highly secure and compliant security token wallet. This fully integrated wallet is the most convenient way for investors to hold and to transfer security tokens.

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