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PASS Token

Powering Blockpass & the future of self-sovereign identity applications for the Internet of Everything.

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The second Token Distribution Event (TDE) is only available to strategic partners of Blockpass.

Blockpass is not providing a general offering available through Distributors or directly. Contact [email protected]if you have a business that would like to partner with Blockpass.

Identity for a Connected World

PASS Tokens enable Blockpass to offer shared regulatory compliance services for humans, companies, objects and devices. As an identity system that supports verification of humans (KYC), and eventually objects (KYO) and connected devices (KYD), Blockpass will enable the development of new applications that rely on a trusted connection between multiple entities.

Initial Distribution Event

– Initial Distribution Event: 31 May 2018 to 30 November 2018

Token Allocation

Development Roadmap


July 2017

Project begins

September 2017

Proof of concept developed

Ionic mobile application

December 2017

Alpha version

Mobile application for Android and iOS
– Identity creation
– Form to submit personal information
– Verification workflow
– Push notifications
– List of compatible third party apps


Admin tool for verification workflow

Ethereum Blockparser

Whitelisting smart contract

Blockpass connect demo application

January 2018

Beta Version

Mobile application
TouchID and FaceID integration –

Blockpass connect demo application

April 2018

Public release

Mobile application for Android and iOS
– Improved UX/UI
– New verification workflow
– External certificate
– Backup and recovery

MVP of Anonymous Verification Aggregator
– Admin tool
– Third party Verifiers integration
– Developer portal
– Blockparser

Blockpass connect demo application

Summer 2018

Mobile application for Android and iOS
New UX/UI –
Integrated messaging system –

Anonymous Verification Aggregator
Integrated messaging system –
Signed certificate generation –
UX/UI improvement –
Whitelisting smart contract –

APIs and tools documentation to initiate open sourcing procedure

Token Distributor Onboarding

Distribution Event Launch

End 2018

Third party dapps

Consolidation of tools

Full open source

Token Purchase Process

Download Blockpass

Download the Blockpass app, create your identity and complete the verification process.

Activate your PASS Tokens

You can use any ERC-20 compatible wallet to interact with your PASS tokens. We have a partnership with Infinito Wallet that natively support our token.

Download the tutorial to learn how to add PASS token in Infinito Wallet.

Additional info

– PASS token smart contract address:
– Token Symbol: PASS
– Decimals: 6
– Security audit report by Hosho:

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