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Blockpass & Infinito Wallet Integrations

The ‘crypto’ Wallet is the critical bridge into the crypto-currency ecosystem

There are different forms of Wallets, web-based, cold-storage and mobile based. In the partnership with Infinito we explore the integration of identity directly into the wallet. This is the first wallet + identity integration from our survey of the industry.

Seamless registration of Security Tokens inside a decentralised wallet

Security tokens are regulated assets that require Know Your Client (KYC) on transfer.

For the retail market a user may choose to store their security tokens in a decentralised mobile wallet such as Infinito

If they decide to receive the crypto-asset into their decentralised mobile wallet they would normally have to go to the website of the Issuer and submit their identity information to then be added to a so-called ‘whitelist’ of verified users.

The Infinito + Blockpass integration allows the user to complete their KYC directly from the Infinito Wallet app. After completion, users can add a Security Token and send their KYC directly to the Issuer with one-click

This provides a frictionless experience to users who prefer to have decentralised control of their assets.