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Identity for a Connected World.

Blockpass is a unique, reusable digital identity solution for any organizations that participate in the regulated and increasingly remote business environment where trust needs to be verified digitally. Through a seamless dashboard with pay-as-you-go and no setup fee, Blockpass offers an alternative process to cumbersome, repetitive and expensive identity document authentication, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening. With Blockpass, end-users easily create a verified portable identity that they can control and reuse to onboard with any service instantly.

The goal of Blockpass is global realization of trusted, reusable and user-controlled digital identity

Through advanced cryptography, Blockpass is a mature Regtech platform offering shared regulatory and compliance services for people and businesses in an increasingly remote and digital world.

As this identity system supports verification of humans and organizations, it will enable the development of new applications that rely on trusted connections globally.

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Delta Exchange
National Geographic
Animoca Brands
Defied Bank
Ex Populus

Discover how Blockpass is transforming personal identity

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A pioneering new research lab, the Blockpass Identity Lab, will explore ways in which blockchain technology can protect personal data from online scammers and hackers.

BIL is a collaboration between Blockpass IDN and Edinburgh Napier University which was announced in April 2018. The initial scope of the partnership is the creation of a pioneering new research lab, while further developing methods to protect consumer identity and the right of citizens to data privacy.