HitBTC Announces PASS Token Listing  

October 2018
The well-known cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC announced today that Blockpass’ PASS token has successfully been listed on the platform. The PASS Token is an ERC20 KYC standard utility token that serves as a discount token on the Blockpass platform.

For both the exchange and Blockpass, this token listing is an exciting achievement. PASS tokens are of the first-of-its-kind KYC token standard. This means that in order to exchange the token, the token holder is required to possess a certified KYC-compliant identity. The KYC token standard is an important innovation as the digital economy becomes more and more regulated, worldwide.

“We’re really pleased to announce that PASS is now trading on HitBTC! We have been working hard to ensure that are building a strong and cohesive ecosystem of partners,” said Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass. “We are expanding the offering of PASS, our pioneering KYC-forward token, on multiple exchanges. PASS is not just a discount voucher for Blockpass KYC offerings and a reward for identity verification, it is a testament to Blockpass' positioning as the leading compliance tool for security token offerings.”

Blockpass has announced a number of key partnerships in recent months, most notably the establishment of a world-first advanced blockchain identity research laboratory, the Blockpass Identity Lab, in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University. In addition, Blockpass announced its partnership and commitment to collaboration with token trading platform Ethfinex last week. Through this partnership, traders using the Ethfinex platform will be able to create a user-centric verified identity profile that can be used to allow instantaneous access to participation in ICOs on Ethfinex.