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KYC Connect

Comprehensive KYC-as-a-Service for Regulated Industries

Seamless and affordable onboarding of your customers using the Blockpass secure eKYC system. Blockpass users create a reusable identity before signing up for your service, meaning that documentation delivery and verification is streamlined.

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A comprehensive set of features make KYC Connect indispensable for seamless customer onboarding

A full service solution

KYC Connect™ is Blockpass’ all-in-one flagship product - a full service, comprehensive solution for all onboarding needs.

This full service solution not only verifies and authenticates documents, but also checks customer identities against anti-money laundering (AML) watchlists.

  • Document Authentication
  • Face Match
  • AML Check

Identity verification checks

This basic identity check verifies the authenticity of the customer’s identity document and validates their name and date of birth.

With this tool you can be sure your customers are who they say they are.

  • Identity Creation
  • Document Authentication
  • Face Match

AML & PEP screening

Comply with AML regulation. KYC Connect™ includes advanced AML screening, ongoing monitoring, PEP and Adverse Media screening.

  • Identity creation
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Sanctions and PEP Lists
  • Adverse media screening
  • Select different levels of checking

Lowest cost compliance

Our KYC Connect™ service provides the most affordable KYC/AML screening in the compliance industry.

Ensure you get the best deal in KYC/AML in Crypto, DeFi & regulated industries with KYC Connect™.

  • No set up cost
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Don’t worry about volume with low per user costs

Identity and document matching

KYC Connect™ manually confirms selfies along with submitted documents to add an extra layer of certainty.

Confirm that individuals completing the verification are the ones in the supplied and verified identity documentation.
Add a layer of certainty to documents that are submitted, are in possession of the customer with this Blockpass confirmed manual check of a selfie with document.

  • Identity creation
  • Manual Selfie Check

An enterprise solution

A full service solution and the highest level of service with 24 hour support through our Certified Blockpass Professionals™

A full level service solution offered at the highest level of service.

  • Cloud and on-premises solutions
  • We handle rejections, identity changes, reverifications
  • Automation, Webhook and APIs available for developers
  • Enhanced SLA

Value Added Services

Proof of Address checking

Face Match (matching faces with IDs)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check

Ongoing monitoring

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) check

Sanctioned countries check

NEW Start using KYC Connect™ today by registering with our console. We’ve done all the hard work for you and it’s super easy to get started, try it today!

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Signing up to Blockpass is now quick and easy

Fully automated

The entire process of signing up to KYC ConnectTM is now fully automated, from beginning to the end.

Quick and simple process

Fast track your way to a professional KYC solution. We’ve streamlined the process to get you up and running faster.

Easy access to information

Online signups allow you to access all information, legal and technical documents from our portal.

Easy to integrate

Blockpass KYC ConnectTM service, you simply plug a solution into an already existing infrastructure and get going.

KYC Connect™ Dashboard

A powerful and flexible out-of-the-box tool for onboarding

Seamless onboarding of your customers using the Blockpass secure eKYC system. Blockpass users create a pre-verified identity before signing up for your service, meaning that documentation delivery and verification is streamlined. The Blockpass ecosystem has an existing pool of pre-verified users interested in new fintech opportunities and services.

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Discover how KYC Connect™ is transforming personal identity