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The faster, safer, and easier way to manage your identity and access regulated industries. Take back control of your identity.

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How can Blockpass work for you?

Blockpass KYC Connect

A comprehensive identity verification portal for quick and easy user onboarding for regulated industries.

Rapid User Onboarding

The use of blockchain technology and smart contracts solves for tedious KYC & AML compliance procedures by reducing sign up friction and increasing conversions.

Low Cost Pre-verified Compliance

With shared regulatory and compliance services, onboard users without expensive and duplicative identity verification of the same user multiple times across different services.

New Application Potential

A modernized compliance protocol will enable new levels of efficiency and application possibilities for blockchain, fintech, and traditional institutions.

Simple integration

Easily installed tool sets include a dedicated KYC verification dashboard. All seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure with our SDKs.

Blockpass for Individuals

The faster, safer, and easier way to manage your identity and access regulated industries.

Download the Blockpass App

Speedy Gateway to Compliant Services

Blockpass provides a secure and rapid gateway to access ICOs, exchanges, and other regulated services without the need to complete redundant compliance requirements.

Own your own Data

Blockpass is a self-sovereign identity verification service that only stores a cryptographic representation of your verified identity on a blockchain whitelist. Your data is stored on your mobile device and shared only with those who you choose.

Shared Identity Whitelist

The end of multiple KYC identity checks. Blockpass enables users to get approved and whitelisted once for near immediate access to multiple merchants and service providers.

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