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Blockpass offers a comprehensive KYC solution specifically designed for node sales. Our platform simplifies the compliance process, ensuring that all participants are verified and meet the necessary regulatory requirements. Trust Blockpass to help you navigate the complexities of node sales KYC with ease and efficiency.

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Why Blockpass?

Running a node sale has become a popular method for developing modular blockchains. At Blockpass, we provide an extensive KYC solution tailored to meet the intricate demands of node sales.

Our Trustpilot rating is the highest in the KYC industry, thanks to our highly professional end-user support team.

Blockpass is both ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Our team consists of seasoned compliance professionals.

Our KYC starts at $1 per user under our Enterprise Corporate plan.

With extensive experience in node sales, our team can advise on best practices and adapt to the customer’s needs.

We have over 1 million verified users and 2,000 verified business users in the crypto industry.

Efficient and Compliant Node Sale Process

The node sale process involves issuers pre-selling the license keys to the community and investor base. The license key is usually an NFT. After the sale is completed, purchasers must undergo a KYC/KYB process to have the NFT issued to their wallet as a license key. Once the license key is issued, the node operator can start validating transactions and/or start receiving mining rewards.

Compliance Requirements

The precise compliance requirements will vary based on the issuer’s jurisdiction. Some projects may have a separate workflow for individuals or companies from high-risk jurisdictions to assess the source of funds, source of wealth, or other Enhanced Due Diligence measures.


Blocking of OFAC-sanctioned countries based on residency and nationality of the user


Blocking of OFAC-sanctioned individuals


Blocking of OFAC-sanctioned wallets


Blocking of US-based node purchasers


Blocking of duplicate accounts