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Welcome to PASS Club: An Exclusive E-Commerce Network For Crypto Enthusiasts Powered by Blockpass and the PASS token.

Through the use of advanced identity verification, PASS Club eliminates scammers, trollers and fraudsters to bring the best and most trustworthy partners in the crypto industry to PASS Club members. PASS Club members are eligible to privileged access using their Blockpass identity to a range of Club perks, including special offers and opportunities to earn PASS reward. The PASS Token in Blockpass’ native utility token, but also the first and only KYC forward token, powered by the Blockpass identity verification ecosystem.

PASS Club Perks


Exclusive Content

Offers, special discounts, prizes and competitions exclusive to Club members


Higher Learning

Special educational content in the form of reports, member events and online webinars

A Helping Hand

Blockpass Services

Access to a wide range of services via easy one-click onboarding

The PASS Club Economy

Join PASS Club now to be the first to enjoy premium educational content, a range of events and discounted tickets, and crypto offers from our Blockpass verified partners.

Join PASS Club

Become PASS Verifiers, Affiliates and Market Makers with the community reputation system


Using PASS Verify™ to verify members in the network so that members and merchants can operate in a safer economy


Promotes PASS tokens and PASS Verify to merchants, recruits merchants

Market Makers

Individual market participant usually affiliate with an exchange that also buys and sells PASS Tokens for its own account


Hold PASS tokens and use PASS Verify to rapidly on-board and use merchant services


Businesses who want to operate in a safe, compliant token economy

Join the Club

If you already have a Blockpass ID then you’re already a PASS Club Member!

The Blockpass App is a portable vault designed to secure personal documents on the go. It provides a direct communication channel to deal with KYC and identity verifications.

Download it today!