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Blockpass and RigoBlock GRG Airdrop

Caitlin Fargo | December 2018

Happy holidays from Blockpass & RigoBlock!To celebrate the end of fantastic 2018 and a brilliant new partnership, we’ve teamed up with RigoBlock to offer all verified PASS holders a GRG airdrop. There’s no need to claim, if you hold verified PASS Tokens, you will find 1 GRG Token in supported wallets.

How it works
The RigoBlock GRG Airdrop will run for one month, from 22 December 2018 to 19 January 2019. To participate, all you need to do is ensure you have activated your PASS Tokens with a valid Blockpass verified identity and you will automatically be registered for the Airdrop.

If you already have activated your verified PASS Tokens, you will receive your GRG Token on Saturday 22 December. All participants who create a Blockpass verified identity and activate their PASS Tokens thereafter will receive a GRG Token at the end of the campaign.

How To Create Your Blockpass Verified Identity
It’s easy. Download the Blockpass Identity Application from the App Store or Google Play onto your mobile device and register using your email. Follow the prompts to upload your documents and when ready hit submit. Your Blockpass Identity should be verified in a couple of minutes, and you will receive certificates to your profile based on these verifications.

How to Activate Your PASS Tokens
Once you have created your Blockpass verified identity, go back to home page and select tab “Your services”:

  1. Tap on “Activate your Pass tokens” > More info
  2. The screen shows required fields
  3. If all required fields are already filled, the button “Register” is enabled
  4. Tap “Register”
  5. In the next screen, select available certificates to add to registration
  6. Certificates are optional, whitelisting can be done without providing certificates
  7. If a user already whitelisted an address before, he can provide the certificate that was issued by the PASS token Activation service to speed up verifications
  8. Confirm information and upload to the Pass activation service

For full details on how to set up your Blockpass profile and activate your tokens, visit: