New Feature Alert: Increased Language Support and Multiple Submissions Now Available

March 2019
Ever since its release, Blockpass has continued to refine the Blockpass Mobile App with additional functionality, new features, interface updates or other improvements. Some of these have included allowing users share documentation via other apps, adding storage for a wider range of identity documents, and adding Face Match certification to enable a smoother KYC verification.

Over the past month the Blockpass tech team has added support for Simplified Chinese and improved Japanese language support as we aim to support integration of the app in a variety of languages. In addition to this, the app now allows for multiple certificates of the same type with the most recent version being the default that gets sent to the merchant. In a similar vein, there is now a new certificate-type which membership organisations can issue to users. However, possibly the most significant development that has been added to the app in the past few weeks is the option for users to re-submit their passport for authentication with Onfido.

With the Blockpass App, users were able to get a free KYC check by submitting their information, enabling them to apply to use merchants and services that had partnered with Blockpass and, in the process, removing the hassle of slow and repetitive KYC compliance. One issue that was found with this was where a person’s identity document was not clear enough to be processed - through a poor quality photograph or the cropping of necessary information when taking the photo. This could result in the possibility of users getting a Passport Authentication result of ‘consider’ due to poor image integrity, leading to potential issues when onboarding with new services or slowing down the process.  

In order to solve this issue, the possibility of re-submitting for passport authentication has now been added, enabling users and merchants alike to enjoy the quick and seamless KYC process that Blockpass aims to provide. Removing the pain points of complying with essential regulations will help users and merchants to conduct business in the most efficient way possible and focus on what they really want to be doing whilst still enabling safe and responsible trade.

We will continue to improve the Blockpass App alongside new developments we are working on in order to provide the best and most convenient product possible. If there is something you’d like to see added to the app or an improvement you’d like to suggest, please get in touch with us through social media or send us an e-mail.