Blockpass Team Expansion Reflects Potential

May 2019
Since its inception in 2016, Blockpass has grown from  a broad reaching concept into a fully functioning project with its first product offering - a  user-centric KYC solution - already being used by a number of companies to make the process of onboarding new users and complying with regulations faster and simpler. The list of companies that are working with Blockpass grows almost weekly; however, not only is Blockpass rapidly expanding its partnerships and integrations, but it is also rapidly expanding its team.

Whilst Blockpass employee numbers have grown steadily over the past few years from the founders to a team of over 20, the last couple of months have seen three new additions to the Blockpass team in the forms of Courtney Lau, Cynthia Yiu and Elaine Hsu. Courtney Lau has joined the Marketing team, where she has become a key member who is heavily involved with Digital Marketing channels, social media and helping to organise and run our many events. You can read about Courtney and her work for Blockpass in her 5 Minutes With interview here. Cynthia Yiu has recently begun her vital work as part of the Blockpass HR and Admin team in Hong Kong; and Elaine Hsu began her role as Financial Controller in Hong Kong on Monday of this week. Cynthia and Elaine will both feature in the own 5 Minutes With interviews in the near future.

In addition to these three new team members in Hong Kong, Blockpass is currently in the process of hiring for a notable number of additional roles - with four new positions for the sales and marketing teams, and additional blockchain developers. Two of these new prospects are for opportunities based in the UK, in the form of a Business Development Manager and a Sales Executive. The remaining roles are based in Hong Kong and include a Global Head of Sales, a Sales Executive, and multiple Blockchain Developers.

This need for expansion reflects the huge potential that is being realised with Blockpass as the company grows to be able to accommodate demand. It is only by growing the Blockpass team that we can bring our vision and the benefits of user-centric identity to the largest market we can possibly reach. However, the reason behind this sudden surge of growth is not solely down to Blockpass being in high demand, but also the long-term development plan for Blockpass as we begin to work on our future products - including the much-anticipated Business Identity to complement the Human Identity product we already provide. Blockpass is committed to seeing these goals realised as soon and as fully as possible, and the investments that are being made in creating an expert and dedicated team are the next steps towards achieving this vision.

If you would like to be on the cutting edge of technology and working to bring back control of user identity to those who truly own in, please contact us. Anyone interested in applying for a position in Sales and Marketing should e-mail Blockpass CMO, Hans Lombardo, [email protected], with a CV and cover letter. Those interested in the role of Blockchain Developer should contact Blockpass CTO, Thomas Leiritz [email protected], with a CV and cover letter.