eKYC Provider Blockpass Unveils Easy Integration Portal

September 2019
Digital identity verification provider Blockpass unveiled an all new easy integration portal today. The new portal will allow merchants and services to easily set up an account and integrate the Blockpass KYC Connect® solution to any platform.

The announcement comes off the back of the release of the updated Blockpass App UI, Merchant Dashboard and Developer Portal. This latest development brings together the three core pillars of the Blockpass infrastructure, streamlining product integration and making the product totally accessible to anyone in the need for KYC services.

Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri stated: “Our developers are working constantly to develop innovative and simple solutions that benefit anyone in any regulated industry. The new online integration portal is another example of just that - a solution that breaks the barriers of traditional enterprise software solutions, making eKYC that much more accessible to business owners and compliance officers.” 

KYC Connect® Integration, Simplified
Through the new online portal, any merchant or service can set up and integrate the Blockpass KYC Connect® solution into existing platforms and processes. The Developer Portal allows for a complete self-service solution, while automatically generating the required widgets for user onboarding. Once installed, the intuitive Merchant Dashboard allows for operators to get started immediately. In less than a day, any business can get started and have a fully compliant KYC operation, for less than 5EUR per user. 

Blockpass has announced a number of revelations in recent months, including new partnerships with GlenBit, Polymath and ComplyAdvantage. Blockpass also recently revived the Blockpass Quiz due to high demand! Blockpass Quiz Round 2 will run until 25 September.