It Was On A Starry Night

December 2019

It was on a Hong Kong night,
When the lights were bright,
Three were drinking,
Thinking whilst they sat.
Then in their wonderings,
Innovation springs,
A brand new goal,
That they would call Blockpass.

It was a plan for KYC,
A way to prove identity,
This brand new goal,
They would call Blockpass.
A way to make it so easy,
New ways in which to share ID,
With this new found goal,
They would call Blockpass.

Development was soon begun,
Halls with frenzied activ'ty rung,
As hard work started,
And never after stopped.
And their hearts knew no despair,
Making ver'fication where,
You are in control,
Your data remains yours.

It solves problems with KYC,
With self sovr'ign identity,
So we work to bring,
Blockpass to all the world.
All industries will surely see,
A need to use Blockpass' ID,
As we work to bring,
Blockpass to all the world.

A solution for KYC,
(Do KYC)
Make it quick and so easy,
(Fast and easy)
With a Mobile App,
(With Blockpass)
Made with you in mind.
(Made just for you)
Enjoy a far, far cheaper fee,
(A cheaper fee)
Savings through efficiency,
(Thanks to efficiency)
With hosts of partners,
(With special deals)
Providing special deals.