PASS Club launch

February 2020
We are excited to announce the launch of PASS Club: An Exclusive E-Commerce Network For Crypto Enthusiasts Powered By Blockpass and the PASS Token. As a Blockpass App user, you are automatically enrolled in PASS Club and are immediately able to access exclusive rewards, offers, and content.

Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri hailed PASS Club as the next stage of our journey, bringing a tangible ecosystem and rewards program to our community. PASS Club was created to reward our members who are using the Blockpass App, while building out a network of community verifiers and partner services. Powered by the Blockpass identity verification protocol, PASS Club is a trusted network free of scammers and bad actors.

PASS Club members are eligible for exclusive access to a series of offers, promotions and rewards from services in the Blockpass ecosystem. To gain access to these programs, simply download the Blockpass App and create your verified identity today.

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Current Offers Available to PASS Club Members

A platform which has transformed the sourcing of LED lighting, BuyAnyLight (BAL) is Blockpass' latest partner. Blockpass users participating in the BAL token sale are eligible for a 5% rebate in PASS tokens. Click here for more information on the special deal.

A secure asset trading platform built with elite security for high-volume trading. Blockpass community members taking part in the Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange IEO are eligible to receive a 5% rebate in PASS tokens. This offer is active until the IEO ends on 10th Jan 2020. Click here for more information.

A token issuance and exchange platform. Blockpass will be awarding 400 PASS tokens to the first 1000 users of the ADAX platform who complete their KYC using the Blockpass App. Click here for more information on the special offer.

Legacy Trust
A custodian providing trusted custody for crypto and fiat assets for individuals and institutions. Blockpass users are entitled to a free Complete Custody account opening - worth US$2,500! Click here for more information.

Other Happenings at Blockpass

Blockpass was awarded the Biggest Contributor to Digital Securities in STR2020
Congratulations are in order to the entire team at Blockpass as we were awarded The Biggest Contributor to Digital Securities at the Security Tokens Realised Global Awards 2020. We were very excited to be ranked number one by an independent panel of judges. We appreciate all the support!

Blockpass participates in STR2020 and ICE in London
This week, the Blockpass team sponsored and participated in the Security Tokens Realised 2020 in London. Blockpass CEO and CMO, Adam Vaziri and Hans Lombardo, have both spoken in the STR event and shared their insights of how compliance and technology can support the digital capital markets.

In addition, Blockpass Partnership Executive, Alexander Savy joined the ICE in London. There were many interesting conversations and the team has learned a lot about the changing landscape of the gaming industry. If you have missed these events, stay tuned to our event page and meet us in the next event!

Nothing Without Trustlessness
Blockchain technology has many potential benefits, but when Bitcoin first made its debut, one of its primary purposes was the provision of a system which would allow trustless online payments to be made; it provided the ability to conduct business without risk of financial fraud due to the immutable and unhackable nature of the blockchain and the way it was coded to prevent against double-spend attacks.

In this latest article, we are going to learn more about the risks of blockchain being hacked with couple incidents happened back then. Regardless of the details and outcome of this incident, it is important to note that cryptocurrencies and blockchains need to have an inherent value in them to be worth creating or using. Without the safety of a trustless environment, blockchain has no meaning. Click here to read the latest article.

KYC Connect®
We're constantly working to improve the functionality and usability of our flagship product, KYC Connect®. From new partners and new campaigns, to easy onboarding, we are making sure we offer the premium compliance gateway to financial services. We've designed the process to be as quick and simple as possible; getting started is free and only takes a few minutes. Visit the Admin Console to create your service now!

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Meet The Team
This week in our 5 Minutes With interview we sit down for a chat with Partnership Executive - Alexander Savy about his work as part of the Blockpass team. Click here to read about Alex and find out what he thinks about the future of the industry and how she came to be involved with Blockpass.