Blockpass Updates Admin Console and Mobile App

March 2020
Despite the current difficulties being experienced throughout the world and ensuring the people’s health and safety is the highest priority, the Blockpass development team are continuing to work on expanding and improving the Blockpass Mobile App and Admin Console. Last week, the latest of the Admin Console was made public and the latest Blockpass Mobile App updates were released to the Android and Apple stores to provide new features, fixes and adjustments in the app.

The most notable changes, the new features, are designed to improve existing capabilities or to add entirely new ones. In the latest version there are a number of these. The first is in the Admin Console with the introduction of certificates groups. This addition enables services which allow different forms of identification to handle a customer base which is submitting a variety of verified identities in the smoothest possible manner. For the Mobile App, there is also a new flow to register services allowing multiple identity documents to be used for onboarding. Linked to this, the ability to modify the type of document used for registration has been added and the same type of document selected during registration will be used for verifiers. 

Two new roles have been added to this latest Admin Console release version. The "Blockpass Accountant" role can access the billing section and the "Blockpass Read only" role can see all services but cannot modify any. Alongside this, the button which was previously the “Test with QR Code" option has been updated and is now a "Shareable link" option. The final feature to be added to the Admin Console is OAuth with Google Sign-in integration. 

Whilst that rounds out the new features, there were a number of fixes and adjustments. In the Admin Console, the search is no longer case sensitive, the previous requirement for a driving license has been disabled and debugging now shows a full certificate schema. 

On the Mobile App, a number of tweaks have been made to improve the user experience. Pop-ups have been replaced with modals to ensure users don’t miss or accidentally close important information. The "+" icon in the Crypto Address Management section has been replaced with a standard button, and the Service Details section has had the Issued Certificate removed to clear up the UI. Additionally, email verification codes are now able to be pasted so users save time with a more convenient option for entering the data. Finally, the attributes order during the registration process has been fixed. 

These changes and additions mark the most recent updates to the Admin Console and Mobile App, but we are always eager to hear feedback from users as to how we can improve our services even further. If you have any suggestions or requests, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via email or through our social media channels. We are building these platforms to make the process of KYC as quick and efficient as possible whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety and security but most importantly we are building them to serve your needs. Any feedback that will help us do this is welcome.