KYC Digital Certificate Service for COVID-19 Testing

April 2020
As the world finds itself in an unexpected and novel situation as a result of the current pandemic, there is much need for businesses, organizations and even social groups to determine whether individuals are COVID-19 free or not in order to mitigate risk to operations and to allow business to continue as much as humanly possible.

The difficult question is how to implement COVID-19 coronavirus screening and enable users with a clean bill of health to disseminate verified passes but at the same time maintain the privacy of individuals and ensure fraudulent passes are not being used.

Blockpass has a fast, efficient and private digital identity solution for onboarding individuals to a COVID-19 testing service, privately and securely. This will allow individuals to store, control and update their passed test credentials for dissemination to businesses, organizations, groups and events.

Blockpass COVID-19 testing verification process...

  • the COVID-19 testing service is run by an authorised clinic who does the test.

  • the clinic or organization doing the test can operate their service via the Blockpass KYC Connect® dashboard.

  • the patient creates their digital identity profile via Blockpass’ gateway and then easily sends their digital identity profile to the clinic service, onboarding instantly - with the degree of identity document authentication and KYC verification that the clinic or testing customer requires.

  • the individual takes COVID-19 test.

  • the clinic will issue a COVID-19 certificate to the individual’s profile if they have taken the test and prove to be clear of infection.

  • the user can prove they have taken the test by forwarding on the digital certificate that is stored in their digital identity profile.

  • the user can update their COVID-19 certificate validity on a regular basis, by testing again and getting a new certificate issued.

This will not guarantee that individuals are immune to COVID-19 or are non-contagious, but it serves as a useful baseline for organizations that want to mitigate the risk level to their workforce or membership.

If you are an organization, medical clinic or testing service interested in the above service, please sign up to our console here and send email to [email protected] with subject “COVID-19 PASS”.