Meet the Team - 5 Minutes with Office Admin & HR Assistant Vo Thi Thanh Vy

September 2020
Join us as we sit down and have a chat with one of the Blockpass team to find out about them, their work, and their thoughts on blockchain technology.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I’m from Vietnam and I live in HCM City


What is your work background and how did you first get involved in Blockpass?

I have over 3 years experience as an Admin cum Receptionist with a history of working in a variety of industries. My work has involved a lot of communications, event management and administration. I graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology where I studied Foreign Linguistics focused on Business English - Tourism. I joined Blockpass at the beginning of October 2019.


What is your role at Blockpass and what does a typical day look like?

At Blockpass, I work as an Office Admin & HR Assistant, I report to Cynthia and support Thomas with paperwork and consultancy for 3rd parties. 


What is something you’ve been proud of whilst working at Blockpass?

I am proud of being a part of an international corporation and being able to make use of my English. Meanwhile, I’m also proud of myself for working and studying more about the legal and documentation side to my administration role.


What do you think blockchain or crypto’s biggest potential is?

Since I am not a technology expert and blockchain is a fairly new technology, I cannot go in details as to my personal favorite blockchain related benefits. However, from my current knowledge, I am excited to know that blockchain technology helps create a transparent environment for every stakeholder involved in the system, as well as privilege and security that can be spread amongst all the users.


Where do you see the industry headed over the next 5 years?

I believe that with the rapid development of technology, within the next 5 years, blockchain will not only become the standard of data integration in business operations, but it will also connect and be further integrated and implemented with other technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data, to improve the quality of life and efficiency for any business or corporation.


Which hobby or activity are you particularly enjoying at the moment and why?

The hobbies/activities I am particularly enjoying at the moment are travelling and going to the gym.


If you could spend a day with anyone, real or fictional, who would it be and why?

If I could spend an hour with anyone from history, I would like to meet with either Leonardo Da Vinci or Nikola Tesla. The reason is that they were extraordinary people in their own time, with ideas and inventions that proved so important over time. If I could meet them, I would love to hear their opinions and their expectations for the future compared to the reality of 2020. I would tell them of the technology we now have and how the world has changed up to the year of 2020. Last but not least, knowing the current reality of 2020, it would be interesting to hear their predictions for the year 2050.