Updating Blockpass Services

September 2020

Released last week, Blockpass’ Web ID version 1.8.0 adds a brand new feature in the form of the ability to access all registered services online at This streamlines things for Blockpass users, making a quick and convenient option for monitoring services which users are registered with. In addition, this new version fixes various bugs and has a number of minor additional improvements.  
This latest version also adds compatibility with the Web ID dashboard and WebID users now have the ability to access Auth to change their password and to add two factor authentication to their account. Businesses and individual users now have the option to register with magic link, password, or with their Google account. 
Joining this release is the newest version of the KYC dashboard. This latest version includes a detailed audit log of every pending verification which allows operators to quickly assess the status of each user being onboarded and to monitor their situation as they pass through the process. Information such as when the profile was initially submitted to be verified, and the verification status of prospective users, will be visible to operators. Notably, all of these features will be accessible from mobile devices with large screens to make monitoring and facilitating the onboarding process more convenient. 
Out soon (currently scheduled for the end of next week), the next version of the Blockpass Mobile App will revolve around a brand new redesign, with an improved user experience that the development team have been hard at work creating whilst maintaining the high level of transparency and ease of use of our identity verification service. 
Shortly before the Mobile App updates, the Blockpass Admin Console is also due to go live with the latest version - which should be in place at the beginning of next week. This new version enables a brand new option for businesses. Currently, services are open to the public to view and anyone with a shareable link can register for a service (provided they meet the requirements). Next week, businesses will be able to restrict access to their users only. Shareable links will change for these services by redirecting users to a url where prospective users must login before being able to register. Similarly to the KYC dashboard update, these features will also be accessible from mobile devices with large screens. Finally, reported issues with services thumbnails have been fixed, as have a number of other bugs that were found, and some performance enhancements have been made. 
Whilst we continue to expand and improve our services in a number of ways, we always appreciate feedback from users and businesses alike. If you have any suggestions of how to improve our services through new features or any issues you find, please do not hesitate to contact us.