KYC verification For Responsible Gaming

December 2020
With the increasing popularity of online gaming trends, it is imperative that policies are designated to avoid potential negative consequences from gaming and gambling online. This is where the term responsible gaming comes into play.

Responsible gaming means that gaming operators, both online and offline, have to comply with certain policies to establish and maintain an optimal gaming environment and conditions for players when they are engaging in gaming activities. This includes :


  • Prevention of underaged gamers 

  • Protection of vulnerable gamers 

  • Cybersecurity in place to protect personal information

  • Ongoing monitoring of criminal activities etc.


In order to assure these policies are complied with, proper digital Know Your Customer (KYC) verification can be useful to implement in order to track and show responsible gaming policies for gaming operators / online gaming software providers. 


Prevention of underaged gamers 

Proper KYC verification can authenticate a user's identity documents, and verify their age. Gaming operators/ online gaming software providers can use this information to ensure their players are over the minimum required age depending on the facility and jurisdiction.


Prevention of vulnerable gamers 

Gambling can cause negative consequences like addictions which leads them to financial exploitation including physical, emotional and accidental harm. Know your customer solution like Blockpass can help setting up a self exclusion certificate to exclude someone who may be in potential addiction risk. Players within the list will be excluded from any gaming sites to reinforce a responsible gaming scheme. This feature at the same time can serve as a public service benefit.


Cybersecurity in place to protect personal information

A secure KYC solution protects players’ personal information after verification from unauthorized access. Other than personal details, there are also abundant financial details including bank accounts, credit card details and sensitive personal information to be protected. A secured backend server set up is also important for cyber security reasons.


Ongoing monitor of criminal activities

As gaming operators/ service providers, they are also responsible to monitor transaction data to avoid any criminal activities including money laundering. Indeed, an established KYC verification service provider like Blockpass will act as a gatekeeper to provide ongoing anti money laundering (AML) monitoring, to flag any bad actors and raise attention to suspicious activities. 


Blockpass is perfect for the gaming industries to provide an ideal solution with fast and secure KYC and AML compliance, and the ability to flexibly, quickly and easily manage identities. Blockpass not only help verify users’ age, identity.  In addition, Blockpass’ ecosystem represents a pool of pre-verified users with secure and compliant identities who are ready to instantly onboard to any gaming platform. Blockpass also enables companies to rapidly onboard new users who then have control of their own identities. Adhering to the most comprehensive standards in regulatory compliance, Blockpass permits new users to quickly create a profile, upload identity documents and then rapidly verify and authenticate the documents and check data against adverse Media and AML lists that include PEP, country and individual Sanctions lists.


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