‘Twas the Night Before Pre-Sale

December 2020

Twas the night before pre-sale and all over the net

Not a person was ready, at least, they weren't yet.


Their wallets updating to receive a new token;

They hoped it’d go smoothly, Nothing buggy or broken.


Participants waited, each sat at their desk

While visions of missing out made them feel stressed. 


The company’s tech team each nodded their head;

It was all good and ready, they could now press ahead,


When up from the legals there arose such a clatter;

Their voices cried out for an overlooked matter.


To check regulations the leadership sprang; 

They tore through the pages, opened books with a bang,


Their eyes on the text - regulatory works,

What were these requirements? Oh did they feel like jerks 


As they released that in their excitement to start,

They’d missed out compliance, which wasn’t so smart.


Without meeting standards it’d be over quick.

They were breaking the rules, they’d be in the nick!


More rapid than eagles they sought resolution, 

Then searching online one found a solution:


“There’s KYC, AML, Face Match and more!

It’s fast and efficient, it’s cheap and secure! 


We can set our requirements - there’s no real limits 

When using this ‘Blockpass’ we can onboard in minutes!”


And like leaves that before the wild hurricane flew, 

They integrated in seconds, it was so fast - who knew!


So out from the testnet and onto the main,

With a host of incentives - the pre-sale - it came,


And then, in a twinkling, they saw on the dashboard,

The flicker and flashing of ‘Status: Onboard’.


It was all going well, they had turned it around;

From failed compliance, the event was now sound,


And customers worldwide went to say on each forum,

“The signup is simple, this new standard is awesome.


Being put in control of our own information

Is a brilliant idea which deserves celebration.


No longer do we need to live with the drudgery 

Of repeating the checks, and waiting anxiety 


On approval that used to take days if not weeks

And for document changes it's easy to tweak."


As they looked at the site even more was supplied:

Instant sign-up for merchants as they were certified.


Removing the tedium of filling out forms 

They could on-board with all of the market’s platforms.


And the devs and the c-suite were simply amazed

At the minimal cost, all the money they’d saved.


Who could have known that doing things the right way

Could be quick and simple? It had sure saved the day. 


They watched on as Blockpass did the all hard graft,

For regulatory compliance they sure knew their craft.


With all of the customers up front and pre-vetted

There were no concerns; no reasons to fret it. 


A successful round closed, all the tokens went out.

The company cheered, they gave a great shout.


And the people all said as the crowdfunding ended, 

“I can’t wait for the next; with Blockpass it’s splendid!”