Blockpass Supports DuckStarter’s Participating IDOs With Compliance Services

March 2021
For immediate release - 12 Mar 2021 - Blockpass is excited to reveal it will be working with a number of new solutions and companies as it provides compliance options to Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) on the DuckStarter platform. As DuckDAO's token sale launchpad, the DuckStarter platform is involved with a large variety of IDOs. With Blockpass and DuckDao working together, KYC and AML provision will be quickly and easily accessible to all participants, ensuring security and regulatory compliance in the space.

DuckDAO is a community-backed incubator powered by an expansive network of investors in the digital asset ecosystem. DuckStarter is a token sale launchpad where users can access both public and special rounds for high-quality crypto projects. DuckStarter will act as the final bridge between early-stage projects and the community before the project goes fully public. DuckStarter has a unique level system which requires users to lock-in a certain amount of DUCK tokens to participate in the launch platform. DuckStarter has already helped launch a number of projects and has many more lined up, including PolkaFoundry, keyTango, Lepricon, and Cash Tech.

Blockpass is a digital identity verification provider which provides a one-click compliance gateway to financial services and other regulated industries. Through Blockpass, users can create, store, and manage a data-secure digital identity that can be used for an entire ecosystem of services, token purchases and access to regulated industries. For businesses and merchants, Blockpass is a comprehensive KYC & AML SaaS that requires no integration and no setup cost. You can set up a service in minutes, test the service for free and start verifying and on-boarding users.

"Were excited to be working with DuckDAO and the DuckStarter platform to bring KYC services to a huge number of people as we see a surge of interest in IDOs with this current wave of DeFi development.” said Adam Vaziri, Blockpass CEO. Our goal at Blockpass is to remove the pain points of compliance and with the range and quality of users on DuckDAOs DuckStarter platform we have the privilege to bring our revolutionary and efficient solution to a new and expanding audience.”

"As one of the premiere KYC solutions providers in the crypto space, Blockpass has helped to smooth access to the burgeoning, but sometimes inaccessible crypto industry," said DuckDAO Co-founder Ken. "Blockpass has done an incredible job at ensuring our IDOs are secured by a real, quality user base."

Blockpass has grown significantly in size and use since its inception, both in the number and range of users and organizations it has partnered with, and the scope of its work. Blockpass continues to develop its digital identity protocol with updates and additions to improve the compliance experience. The existential need for DeFi projects to be regulatory compliant and the recent integrations have led to a surge in interest for BlockpassOn-Chain KYC® solution which promises to change the way blockchains enable compliance.

With a current 90%+ discount on its services, a fact made possible due to the unique reusable nature of its verification method, and put in place to help as many people as possible access KYC in the current pandemic, there has never been a better time to explore the potential of Blockpass. The Blockpass App is available from the App Store and Google Play.  

About Blockpass

Blockpass, the pioneer of On-Chain KYC®,  is a fast, fully comprehensive KYC & AML screening software-as-a-service for blockchains, Crypto, Defi and other regulated industries. With Blockpass, you get an unmatched set of benefits for any compliance service that includes pay-as-you-go, no setup cost, no integration necessary, free testing, immediate launch and at the lowest cost. BlockpassKYC Connect® platform enables businesses to select requirements for customer onboarding that can include ID authentication, face-matching, address checking, AML ongoing monitoring and/or screening of sanctions lists, politically exposed persons (PEP), and adverse media. Through Blockpass, end-users easily create a verified portable identity that they can control and re-use to onboard with any service instantly. By integrating with Chainlink Network – a decentralized oracle solution -  in early January, Blockpass introduced the first On-Chain KYC® solution that will service many blockchains in the years to come. 

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About DuckDao

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success. DuckDAO looks to break the cycle of early-stage investments in high-potential cryptocurrency projects, which typically see large traditional VCs buy out stacks of tokens in strategic, seed, and private sale investment rounds at far lower prices than retail investors got during the public sale. DuckDAO performs extensive due diligence checks on potential projects to ensure they meet rigorous standards of safety and stand an excellent chance of achieving great success with the help of their community. DuckDAO has an incredible track record and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry in recent months, including Geeq, Shadows Network, Linear Finance, Base Protocol, and Bondly.

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