On-Chain KYC® Gives Businesses Anonymous, Data-Free Way to KYC Their Users

March 2022

We wanted showcase our On-Chain KYC® product, which is in high demand for crypto, DeFi, and NFT offerings and is being utilized by blockchain and NFT gaming leader Animoca Brands.

On-Chain KYC® is a zero-knowledge product for businesses that do not want to collect KYC data of users but want to understand whether a crypto user has been verified.

Through On-Chain KYC®, Blockpass manages the Dashboard of the business and processes the KYC verifications. 

The business is then able to send a crypto-address to Blockpass, and Blockpass confirms the KYC status of the user. 

The business decides on the KYC rules, and Blockpass enforces those rules on behalf of the business in the dashboard. All support is managed by Blockpass during the process.

During and after the KYC process, the Business cannot access any KYC data on users. 

As previously noted, a business can only access the status of the user. What that means is whether a user is Approved or not. 

If it is a one-time event, then Blockpass deletes the data from the business’ dashboard after the event. If it is ongoing, then Blockpass regularly deletes the data from the business dashboard. This procedure does not delete the Identity Profile belonging to the user.

To delete their Identity Profile, users have two ways to do so:

  • Mobile app -> uninstall the app from phone
  • Web app -> send support request for deletion via email [email protected] or by filling out the form on this page.