PASS Club Update 02 May 2022 - EJS Realease New Set of IDOs

May 2022

Have a look at Blockpass' partner Enjinstarter's latest IDOs for May!

Welcome to the PASS Club Update - 2 May 2022

When you joined PASS Club, we said that you would get access to other offerings from our customers and ecosystem partners.

We're excited to be able to share some news from our partners at Enjinstarter, the Launchpad for Blockchain Games and the Metaverse…

New Top-Rated IDO Projects on Enjinstarter
Fresh off the press! Check out these sought-after projects on Enjinstarter. Know all about the details below:
1. Backstage
Backstage is leading the crypto revolution for the $1.135 trillion events and entertainment industry. They’re doing this with a mix of crypto wallet, NFT and metaverse technologies, as well as an innovative community platform that makes operations more efficient, fair, trustworthy and prosperous.
Backstage unifies the events sector through their STAGE platform. This brings together fans, venues, producers, talents, and investors through NFT ticketing technology, the BiKoS Wallet, the Backstage Metaverse, and the BKS Launchpad — making it a one-stop platform for the events industry.
2. Klon is an innovative platform that creates lifelike avatars called KLONs to access the metaverse. Klon follows a multi-chain approach and connects different metaverses securely. As a result, it provides a seamless metaverse experience by allowing users to switch from one metaverse to another with just one click.
3. Born to Die
In BornToDie, gamers can partake in a completely immersive experience where they won’t only battle it out but also explore and interact with a vibrant city. Zetaverse Labs, the minds behind BornToDie, are designing the game to immerse players in hi-definition graphics and an engine that leaves you guessing what can happen next.

Their team hails from a diverse set of backgrounds from previously working on leading AAA games, cryptocurrency exchanges, and even some of the biggest Hollywood movies.
The game’s AI engine plays a major part in determining the outcomes the player will encounter. Enemies will receive a boost in strength according to the strength of the hero so there will always be a challenge. Players will also be treated to open-map gameplay where they can endlessly explore and go off the beaten path.
4. Gaimin
Gaimin offers a simple, effective and efficient solution to the global problem of insufficient computer processing power — by simultaneously solving the biggest problem for more than 1.3 billion gamers — how to self-fund their gaming experience.
Rather than spending billions of dollars on building dedicated resource farms, Gaimin are accessing the worldwide gaming community, and utilizing and rewarding this global network of untapped, globally distributed resources of 1.3 billion processing power providers, connected by high speed Internet connections, which can be aggregated, consolidated and then utilized to satisfy any of the myriad of profitable current, and future, needs for processing power.
5. Going Ape
The GoingApe NFT collection is one of the most advanced illustrations of generative art, a unique expression of the collaborative process between man and machine.
Developed by a team of world class 3D animators, each GoingApe is a carefully crafted piece of digital artwork that uses the latest computer graphics technology. From the rendering of every single hair of their fur, to the different textures of their attributes, GoingApe NFTs show unparalleled levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
6. Fight Legends
Paying homage to the old-school fighting games we all grew up with, Fight Legends looks to take that inspiration and apply it to the industry-defining innovation possible with blockchain technology.
Fight Legends is focused on building a free-to-play competitive fighting game with PVP & eSports at the forefront of development and design decisions. Fight Legends is fight gaming, simply improved through blockchain technology as opposed to being the center of attention at the behest of gameplay that’s dynamic and fun.
7. Axes Metaverse
Axes metaverse is a meta-universe empowered by blockchain technologies and created on the basis of the game. has 30+ million installs and is available on AppStore, Google Play, Playstation and Xbox stores.
Axes metaverse is designed to empower players’ ownership through tokenization of characters, in-game assets and lands. Our metaverse is centered around Axes Hunters — playable NFT characters. They can be used in different game modes, upgraded or traded on the marketplace.
8. Crypcade
CrypCade is an economically sustainable Gaming/Entertainment ecosystem, integrating skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling. CrypCade ensures to use cutting edge of blockchain gaming technology to introduce external users and facilitate current users to allow easy interaction between UI and user for a seamless, enjoyable experience on the CrypCade Entertainment Systems.
CrypCade is a revolutionary redesign on old arcades, “casinos” and “gaming platforms”. Launching on the Tron Network, it ensures a one of a kind experience and engagement only to be experienced at CrypCade Ecosystems.
9. Stage
Imagine — Tiktok meets The Voice.
That’s Stage. An always-on music competition powered by the blockchain where you can vote for your favorite artists and share their success. Labeled as the Music Industry 3.0 - a global label owned by fans, STAGE’s vision is to become the mainstream platform where millions of music fans can:
  • Help artists make a living from their talent without intermediaries
  • Play the role of “Simon Cowell”, discovering and propelling artists to stardom
  • Earn RareStageCards™
  • And share artists’ success as they get famous.
Unlike other music 3.0 platforms, STAGE focuses solely on community & gamification at launch. The rest of their ecosystem - NFT marketplace, artist NFT-ed songs, artist tokens - will come when they will reach a million+ fans.
10. Swords of Blood
Discover the wonderful world of Ezura, master your chosen element, and build murderous attack weapons.
Originally released in 2018 by Artifex Mundi and having spent over $6 million in development, HitBox Games LLC had recently acquired exclusive rights to publish a new version of Bladebound to integrate it to the Blockchain and offer NFTs to its game assets for trading.
Experience a 3D console-like graphics and old-school feeling of classic isometric RPG games with spectacular special effects and smooth gameplay.
Become a brave dungeon hunter, bounty hunting witcher, or be a grinder always looking for a greater loot. No matter which of the endless paths you choose, there is a great adventure awaiting you.
Learn more about Enjinstarter.
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