Global Crypto Regulatory News - 1 March 2023

June 2024

Whilst Blockpass monitors and adapts to regulatory changes around the world, we only cover some of the news and developments in articles on the Blockpass blog. However, to showcase more information around what is going on in the blockchain and crypto regulatory scene around the world, we’ve selected some prominent or interesting news and articles that feature relevant crypto regulatory and compliance developments.

  • IMF and G-20 Working on Crypto Regulations

Current G-20 chair India reveals details on work to regulate crypto.

  • EU Accelerating Crypto Banking Regulation

In order to meet deadlines, the EU examines options for new and existing laws.

  • Draft EU Law Brands Crypto ‘Maximum Risk’ for Banks

Crypto could end up being overly-restrictive for banks to deal with in the EU.

  • Italy Preempts New EU Legislature

Work is underway to prepare the Italian financial market for the upcoming  Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) framework.

  • Asset Legal Battles

The fallout of the FTX collapse continues to impact crypto and prompt regulatory calls - particularly in the US.

  • Hong Kong Seeks to Entice Crypto

New draft proposals highlight Hong Kong’s move to be more welcoming to crypto and Web3.

  • Panama President Wants Better Regulation

In an effort to make Panama a safe place to use crypto, the President objects to lackluster legislation in new crypto bills.

  • Kazakhstan Improves Crypto Regulation

In addition to cracking down on illegal mining and trading platforms, Kazakhstan seeks to bring its crypto regulations up to par.

  • Israeli Crypto Securities Law May Impact its Outlook

The CEO of an Israeli crypto custody and trading services company brings up issues with new crypto regulation proposals in Israel.

  • Possible Tighter Controls for Argentinian Exchanges and Custodians

As a direct reaction to the FTX collapse, Argentinian regulators examine the pros and cons of proof-of-solvency requirements.

  • Privacy Coins Banned in Dubai

Those looking for anonymous crypto in the Middle East suffer a blow as new guidelines come in.

  • The Issues with Crypto Tax

A look at the current problems in the taxation of crypto around the world.

  • Solving the Mixers Problem

Research from the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis posits a simple crypto mixer solution.