Case Study : Crypto Launchpad Lauds Blockpass KYC Robustness, Speed, UX

June 2024

Seedify, a popular crypto incubator launchpad, highlights Blockpass’ real-time support, user-friendly interface, and user-centric experience in the following testimonial.

Seedify is a launchpad for Web3 projects including DeFi, AI, Big Data, NFTs and Web3 Gaming. Users can access various project tokens offered on the platform by staking SFUND, and have used Blockpass for identity verification and compliance for a couple of years.

Can Beser, Project Acquisition Manager at Seedify, recently commented about Blockpass compliance solutions:

“Having embarked on the sales journey of various launchpads back in 2020, I first encountered Blockpass, drawn to its reputation for efficiently managing Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Anticipating a substantial surge in KYCs during the launchpad sales, our team at Seedify sought a robust and swift solution that could handle the impending influx seamlessly. Blockpass emerged as the ideal choice for its trusted reputation and the promise of smooth operations during the high-demand token sales.

Throughout our partnership, Blockpass has consistently demonstrated its value by providing real-time support during critical approval processes, ensuring that no profile gets stranded during the crucial moments before token sales. This live assistance has been instrumental in maintaining the momentum of our operations, allowing us to focus on delivering a seamless experience to our expanding user base

One of the standout features of Blockpass has been its user-friendly interface and simplified user experience, making it accessible regardless of their technical expertise. 

Overall, our experience with Blockpass has been nothing short of exceptional. Its reliable performance, coupled with its user-friendly interface, has significantly contributed to the smooth functioning of our KYC processes, enabling us to manage the daily inflow of KYCs from around the world effortlessly. I wholeheartedly recommend Blockpass to any organization seeking a reliable, efficient, and user-centric KYC solution, particularly those experiencing rapid growth and expansion like Seedify.”

Blockpass and Seedify announced their partnership in October 2021, with the launchpad tapping Blockpass for KYC provisioning in IDO launches, blockchain gaming and NFTs.

Blockpass is fully automated and hosted in the cloud, with no integration or setup fee. Businesses can sign up to the KYC Connect console in a matter of minutes, test out the service, and start conducting identity documents verification, KYC and AML checks.

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