Have a Look at Blockpass’ KYB Shareability Feature!

November 2023

Blockpass has introduced a new feature for its Know Your Business (KYB) solution enabling onboarding businesses and organizations to easily share their profile.

The following is a demo of that capability - the Blockpass KYB profile reshareable feature, where companies can share their KYB profile.

After a company or organization has completed its KYB profile while onboarding to its first Blockpass customer, it can then use this shareable feature with any other customer in Blockpass’ network. 

Here are the steps to the process…

  1. An authorized representative of a company made an earlier submission to a Blockpass customer and achieved a "Completed" profile, 
  2. The authorized representative wants to submit the company profile to another service within the Blockpass network, which will be using the same email address.
  3. In the resharing of a profile, the data of the most recent submission will be auto-populated to this new submission only if the status of the most recent profile has completed.
  4. The authorized representative needs to add or change information when needed.
  5. If the most recent profile's status is "Pending" (even if the business has a "Completed" report before), the authorized representative is not allowed to use copied data or make a new submission using the same email address. The system also shows the past KYB submissions and the current KYB status for each submission.
  6. After the authorized representative re-submits the profile, the status will be 'IN REVIEW' for the operator to verify and decide the final KYB status.

Please watch the following demo video for visualization of this process…