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Launch a professional KYB service within hours, at a fraction of the cost!

Our KYB solution lets you quickly verify any business you work with worldwide, so you can trust your suppliers, partners and investments. With our expert compliance team, intuitive dashboard, and smart automations, Blockpass enables your to launch a turnkey bank-grade solution for organizational verification and AML checking.

Why use Blockpass KYB?

With Blockpass KYB, you can save valuable time, reduce costs, and scale your business confidently. Join a global community of businesses relying on our user-friendly interface, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated customer support to take the complexity out of KYB. Make the smart choice today with Blockpass KYB, and experience the future of KYB verification.

  • Full Compliance

    Choose an identity verification system that complies with the latest crypto regulations, including MiCA, FATF, and other global regulations for financial services.

  • Portable KYB

    Save time during business verification process, ensure accurate data, and access our network of thousands of pre-verified. reusable KYB profiles.

  • Start Immediately

    Easy and simple process without any complex integration. Set up a professional KYC/AML solution within hours.

  • Save Money

    Avoid hiring a compliance team by relying on Blockpass turnkey KYC/AML platform, our experienced compliance experts and a virtual support desk for your customers.

Our KYB customers

Built-for-Crypto KYB

Founded by a team that has unmatched experience in crypto compliance, we have developed a KYC & KYB software platform designed for the complex nature of regulatory sectors like crypto, blockchain, gaming and gambling.


Business Customers


Verified User Profiles


Verified Business Profiles

KYB Onboarding Demo

Unmatched KYB Features

  • Corporate Checks
  • AML Screening
  • Controllers KYC/AML Checks
  • Quicker, Simpler Forms
  • Corporate Structure Analysis
  • Customer Success
  • Compliance Team
  • User Support Desk

Corporate Checks

Verify the validity of a company's address, determine their Certificate of Incorporation, and perform a Corporate AML check.


AML Screening

Check the authenticity of a company's address, verify their Certificate of Incorporation, and conduct a Corporate AML check.


Controllers KYC/AML Checks

Verify the KYC/AML of Authorized Representatives, Directors, Shareholders, Beneficial Owners, and Ultimate Beneficial Owners.


Quicker, Simpler Forms

Provides a simple user experience and keeps your customers happy with quicker and easier documentation upload and corporate structure submission.


Corporate Structure Analysis

Straightforward documentation upload and corporate structure submission.


Customer Success

Get guidance and active support from Blockpass customer success groups in setting up your compliance process and achieving your desired goals.


Compliance Team

Benefit from experienced compliance professionals and a team that has been providing compliance services to crypto & blockchain, gambling and other regulated industry services for more that a decade.


User Support Desk

With the compliance industry's only User support desk, Blockpass provides levels of automated and manual remediation support to your customers and end-users, reducing your support costs and onboarding times significantly.

A powerful and flexible out-of-the-box tool for onboarding

Seamless onboarding of your customers using Blockpass secure eKYC system. Blockpass users create a pre-verified identity before signing up for your service, meaning that documentation delivery and verification is streamlined. The Blockpass ecosystem has an existing pool of pre-verified users interested in new fintech opportunities and services.