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Blockpass Marketplace

One-stop hub for emerging financial services

One-click access to innovative financial services, digital asset custody provision, crypto crowdfunding, and other exclusive offers for Blockpass identity holders

PASS Listing on GlenBit
400 PASS tokens giveaway for GlenBit users
To kick off the listing and celebrate the successful integration, Blockpass has announced it will give 400 PASS Tokens to the first 1000 users of the GlenBit platform who complete their KYC using the Blockpass App.
Drife IEO
Limited 10% bonus offered by Drife
Drife is offering an additional 10% bonus to Blockpass members who participate in the Drife IEO on Shortex.
Blockpass Quiz
Win $1000USD in PASS tokens
Back for round 3! Register now for the Blockpass Quiz to participate for your chance to win $1000USD in PASS tokens.
The PASS Holiday Giveaway!
The 100 PASS tokens Holiday Giveaway!
As a little thank you and to reward our amazing community members, we’re giving away 100 PASS tokens to any members that register their Ethereum address with Blockpass!
Earn 5% back on your purchase in PASS
Secure asset trading platform built with elite security for high-volume trading.
Receive a 5% rebate in PASS on BAL token sale
BuyAnyLight (BAL) has transformed the way of sourcing LED lighting. Blockpass community members are eligible to receive the 5% rebate when participating in the BuyAnyLight (BAL) token sale by simply activating this offer.

Blockpass mobile application designed for your customer

The Blockpass App is a portable vault designed to secure personal documents on the go. It provides a direct communication channel to deal with KYC and identity verifications.

Download it today!