Important Information About the Blockpass Token Distribution Event

June 2018
We have built a user-centric, self-sovereign identity solution for regulated industries and the Internet of Everything. Our KYC product is already available for iPhone and Android phones. We are starting the initial distribution of the Blockpass token (PASS) from 31st May to 30th November via Official Distributors.

The purpose of the token is to expand the network of users of Blockpass. When a user receives the token they will need to download the product and conduct KYC with the Blockpass Foundation before they are able to transfer the token on; we refer to this as ‘Sender KYC’). The utility of the token is to obtain discount on verification services provided by Blockpass as well as “identity mining” which rewards users and enterprises providing services for identity verification.

Project name: Blockpass

Token name: PASS

Token Distribution Event: The token distribution event will take place from 31st May to 30th November 2018.

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Issuer: Token is issued by Blockpass Foundation registered and licensed in the Isle of Man.

Token Allocation:  Token has not been issued yet. Token to be issued 31 May 2018.

Live Product Details: Blockpass v1.6

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Corporate Details:  Issuer of token is Blockpass Foundation. Foundation is controlled by Blockpass IDN Limited (company incorporated in Hong Kong).

Blockpass IDN Limited

Incorporation number: 2566786
Incorporation date: 15th August 2017
Registered Agent: ILS SECRETARIES LIMITED, Suite 1701–02 17/F, FWD

Financial Centre, 308 Des Vouex Road Central, Hong Kong

Blockpass Foundation: Incorporation number: 000139M

Public registry record:

Registration with Isle of Man Financial Services Authority: February 2018



Isle of Man


Adam Vaziri - CEO

Hans Lombardo - CMO

Thomas Leiritz - CTO

Toan Hoang - Technical Leader

Mihai Cimpoesu - Smart Contracts Advisor

Junya Yamamoto - Board Advisor

Caitlin Betts - Marketing Manager

Cheryl Francis - Product Marketing

Guy Davies - Business Development - UK/Europe

Danette Wallace - Business Development - Southeast Asia

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Chain of Things -

Infinity Blockchain Labs -

Coinfirm -

Diacle -

Infinito Wallet -

Edinburgh Napier University -

Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) -

Trusted IoT Alliance (TIOTA) -

Holdex -

Myki -

Agora -

Project Description:

Blockpass is a user-centric, self-sovereign identity app designed for seamless and immediate access to regulated services. Blockpass is set to be the first fully-compliant self-sovereign identity application on the market giving users control over their data.

Current online identity solutions use centralised third-party databases to store sensitive user data, these solutions are inaccurate, vulnerable and frequently compromised. Users also have to repeatedly submit KYC data when on-boarding to new services, creating significant delays and increasing administrative costs for merchants. With the Web 3.0 fast approaching, blockchain services will need to be compliant. The first level of compliance is identity verification or know-your-customer (KYC).

Blockpass is designed to meet KYC, AML and GDPR compliance, making it possible to verify users without risking personal information. Identities generated and verified with Blockpass are data secure. Blockpass does not retain any user data, nor is the user data stored on any blockchain.

The Blockpass KYC process eliminates having to repeatedly submit KYC data when on-boarding to new services

A Blockpass online identity belongs to and is controlled entirely by the user, not a third party

  • Users choose what credentials they want to have verified and signed

  • Users choose where the data is stored (device or cloud)

  • Users manage their information from a secure place easily accessible by only them

  • Users are free to authenticate themselves with regulated services, Dapps, and autonomous Web 3.0 devices seamlessly and immediately

Increasing regulation across the banking, finance, and crypto industries is driving new and innovative requirements such as digital identity solutions. Blockpass is positioned at the intersection of regulatory technology (regtech) and blockchain markets.

As blockchain investment and development has proliferated, the ICO market has greatly increased to $6 billion USD (4.8 billion euros) in 2017. To spearhead the development of digital identity across blockchain technology, the first stepping stone for Blockpass will be providing KYC solutions in the ICO and token securities markets.

Fintech market insider Medici estimates that the regtech industry will reach $118.7 billion USD (96 billion euros) by 2020, and KYC is at the centre of this growth.