PASS Verify

The Human Chain
Stop Bots, Build Trust!

Tired of bots and fake accounts? Want to ensure you're interacting with real people in the DApp world?

PASS Verify is a novel blockchain-based bot-guard.

A Unique, Free Identity Solution

PASS Verify offers a unique, free solution: a public blockchain list of verified human addresses.

Pioneering blockchain-embedded identity, PASS Verify acts as the ultimate CAPTCHA for bots, providing a secure and human-centric experience in Web3. This also allows DApps (decentralized applications) to easily confirm user authenticity and fight against bots and sybil attacks.

Here’s how it works

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DApps integrate PASS Verify

For registration, simply send users to PASS Verify.

Automated verification

Users complete a quick registration to prove they're human. Their data is deleted upon completion.

DApps benefit

Verified user wallets are added to public blockchain list, accessible by all DApps for reliable user verification.

A Public Good Supported by Community Effort

PASS Verify is a public good, but to keep user registration running, occasional "gas" top-ups are needed. Contribute to this community effort by sending funds.

Join the Human Chain!

PASS Verify empowers everyone to confidently interact with real people.

Benefits for All Participants:

Gain a reliable user base free from bots.

Experience secure, human-centric interactions in the DApp world.

Foster a trustworthy and transparent DApp ecosystem.


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