Meet the Team - 5 Minutes With Legal Team Member Ajit Nayar

October 2018
Each week, we sit down with a member of the Blockpass team to learn where they come from, what their day to day looks like, and what they love about blockchain.

Where are you from and what is your work background?

I was born and raised in London and worked primarily in property management and development whilst studying for my Masters in Corporate Law. I then moved into corporate structuring and consultancy work for blockchain startups.

What is your role at Blockpass?

I work in the legal and regulatory department at Blockpass, working hard to make the innovative and exciting work of the Blockpass team practical and compliant. Essentially I’m a professional kill-joy!

What do your daily activities look like?

I tend to jump from one project and department to another. No two days are the same and I love that aspect of the job.

How did you get involved in Blockpass?

The last few years I have been working for a regulatory compliance consultancy specialising in supporting blockchain related businesses and that invariably led me to Blockpass; a brilliant team and a brilliant concept.

What’s your favourite blockchain related benefit?

Given recent developments, voting verification through the blockchain seems particularly pertinent.

Where do you see the industry headed over the next 5 years?

I’m most excited to see Google’s development of blockchain technology as I see it as a massive step towards bringing blockchain into the mainstream consciousness. I can imagine a time in the next couple of years where I won’t have to keep explaining what I do at parties!

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Arsène Wenger. I’m a massive football and Arsenal nerd and I’ve always seen Arsène as an aspirational character, a football purist who would never compromise his own ideals to win a game of football...sadly.


To get in touch with Ajit, email [email protected]