Blockpass Security Token Seminar Sees Major Coverage

May 2019
Blockpass held the London leg of its Security Token Seminar series in April this year which saw the major players in the security token space all gather for a day of discussion about the status of this new fundraising opportunity. Over the course of the event, speakers dissected different areas of interest which included the legal, regulatory, technological, use cases and the future of the security token ecosystem.

With all of the talent and expertise in the room, it may have been hard to pick out the best parts of the seminar, but Matthew Dove, Senior Editor at the Fintech Times, published two articles on the event shortly afterwards, highlighting two of the speakers in particular.

The first article to come out focused on the keynote speech given by Lord Holmes, advocating the benefits of security tokens and blockchain technology whilst also talking about some of the obstacles. Dove opened his article covering Lord Holmes’ address with:

“For well over a year now we’ve been told that the smouldering ashes of the initial coin offering craze would yield a tokenised phoenix; the much-vaunted but little seen STO (security token offering). So, what’s the hold up?”

Click here to read the rest of the article on Lord Holmes’ keynote address.

The second article published by the Fintech Times featured Blockpass CEO, Adam Vaziri’s presentation, which examined the possibilities opened up by bringing regulatory compliance to the blockchain space, and how Blockpass is providing that option. Dove wrote:

“At its security token seminar in London on April 23, Blockpass’ CEO Adam Vaziri laid out his vision for upcoming blockchain innovation. The future of tokenisation isn’t just about making money without falling foul of regulators. It’s also about the establishment of self-sovereign identity…”

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