Blockpass’ KYC Connect® Improves as Blockpass’ Connectivity Improves

October 2019
With the number of key developments that have been released by Blockpass over the past few weeks, including the much-requested ongoing AML provision and new partnerships, we thought it a good time to highlight how this impacts our flagship product - KYC Connect®. Whether it’s ensuring Blockpass meets the latest regulatory requirements, or looking to expand our partnerships and integrations, we are always working on providing the best possible product.

In order to provide fast and simple, yet effective and secure, compliance to as many companies and people as possible, Blockpass’ KYC Connect® has a number of different configurations, ranging from specific solutions such as only AML provision or just Face Match certification, all the way to our all-encompassing Enterprise solution. The various options provided cover identity creation, document authentication, AML & PEP Screening, selfie matching verification, proof of address verification, AML check false-positive analysis, risk profiling and customised Service Level Agreements (SLA). This means that potential partners can choose a solution to suit them. In doing this, Blockpass encourages all manner of industries and services to use our solutions, and thanks to this we have already been able to partner with many amazing and innovative companies. 

As we continue to bring on a multitude of new partners to the Blockpass platform, one of our prime goals remains to make it as quick and easy for businesses to integrate Blockpass and to begin onboarding new customers as seamlessly as possible. We are constantly and actively working on new and improved ways to allow partners to join the Blockpass ecosystem and integrate our services, such as with our recent 'Easy Integration Portal', so make sure to keep an eye out for announcements on our website and social media about this. However, it is always possible to contact Blockpass and talk to someone about working with Blockpass. 

Numerous partners and services using KYC Connect® have benefits to both users and partners of the Blockpass ecosystem alike. As the number of businesses and services using Blockpass increase, users have a greater number of options available to them that they can instantly access, making the Blockpass ecosystem more attractive for users. For Blockpass’ partners, as the ecosystem grows and becomes more attractive to users, they will have an ever-increasing pool of pre-verified users to instantly reach out to - a community of thousands ready to use their services, again making the Blockpass ecosystem more attractive to new companies or business, whilst also benefiting existing partners.    

Whichever kind of identity verification a company wants Blockpass to provide, we aim to make it quick, easy, secure, safe, compliant and as beneficial as possible so they can access a large pool of onboarding-ready customers. Contact us to find out more or to make requests and suggestions.