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January 2020
In the newsletter this week we have a number of news items to bring you up to date with what's happening at Blockpass.

Continuing on from last week, Blockpass has featured in two articles online in the past seven days - see below to find out which! We also have our own recent webinar to highlight, with a number of others on the way that will be announced soon. Our AdPASS section showcases the exclusive offers and opportunities currently open to Blockpass users to enjoy and our latest article focuses on the importance of digital identity for a specific industry - the gambling industry. We also have a reminder for the upcoming Security Tokens Realised event where we hope to see many of you, and our 5 Minutes With interview which this week features HR Executive Cynthia Yiu. We hope you enjoy and those of you that celebrate it had a very happy Chinese New Year!

Blockpass Features in Online Articles
Over the past week, Blockpass has featured in a couple of articles online. Top 10 Website Hosting reviewed Blockpass' features, uses, function and costs. Elevate Ventures and Advisory included Blockpass in a piece titled "Why do we need a decentralized digital ID standard?".

In both instances Hans Lombardo, Blockpass' CMO, shared his knowledge and insight from working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and his work as part of Blockpass. Click here for an overview of the articles and links to both the Top 10 Website Hosting and Elevate Ventures and Advisory articles.

The First of the Webinars
As the year progresses, Blockpass will be releasing new and exclusive content in a range of media, some of which will be video-based. Covering a variety of interests, topics will range from looking into aspects of technology and regulations, to discussions with our partners and colleagues.

In the first webinar to be released, Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri sits down to talk with Vincent Chok, CEO of Legacy Trust, a provider of trusted custody for both cryptocurrency and traditional fiat assets. Click here to see the interview and to find out more about Legacy Trust.

We are constantly working to enable new deals and offers that encourage the growth and use of the Blockpass Mobile App for users, which provides an increasing community of interested potential customers for businesses, driving the expansion of our ecosystem. The following bonuses are currently active for anyone with a Blockpass identity, but check in regularly to access the latest opportunities as they present themselves.

A platform which has transformed the sourcing of LED lighting, BuyAnyLight (BAL) is Blockpass' latest partner. Blockpass users participating in the BAL token sale are eligible for a 5% rebate in PASS tokens. Click here for more information on the special deal.

A token issuance and exchange platform. Blockpass will be awarding 400 PASS tokens to the first 1000 users of the ADAX platform who complete their KYC using the Blockpass App. Click here for more information on the special offer.

Legacy Trust
A custodian providing trusted custody for crypto and fiat assets for individuals and institutions. Blockpass users are entitled to a free Complete Custody account opening - worth US$2,500! Click here for more information.

Blockpass - Best in class KYC Solution in Blockchain UA

Gambling Without Identity Verification - Not Worth the Risk
Identity verification is essential for a number of reasons in a wide range of industries, but this week we focus on a specific example: the gambling industry. Dealing with large amounts of money moving between relatively anonymous individuals, and the potential of online gambling opening up cross-border interactions, it is a huge industry and an attractive one for criminals.

Given this, it isn't hard to see why the gambling industry has compliance requirements and there are hefty fines for those that fail to live up to the standards. But even without the regulatory requirements there are uses for identity verification in the space. Click here to read the article in full and find out about the reasons and benefits of identity verification in gambling.

Blockpass in London
Next week, many of the Blockpass team will be at Security Tokens Realised 2020. Held at the the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London, the event will cover topics including digitalising capital markets, innovation investment and STOs.

Blockpass are Gold sponsors of the event and we hope to see you there if you are able to make it to talk about our work, regulations, blockchain technology or anything else you have an interest in! Click here to read about Security Tokens Realised 2020 or register for the event.

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KYC Connect®
We're constantly working to improve the functionality and usability of our flagship product, KYC Connect®. From new partners and new campaigns, to easy onboarding, we are making sure we offer the premium compliance gateway to financial services. We've designed the process to be as quick and simple as possible; getting started is free and only takes a few minutes. Visit the Admin Console to create your service now!

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Meet The Team
In our 5 Minutes With interview this week sit down for a chat with HR Executive Cynthia Yiu about the work she does as part of the Blockpass team. Click here to read about Cynthia and find out her opinion on Blockchain technology and where the industry might be headed in the future.