Blockpass Newsletter - Awards and Alliances

March 2020
This week in the newsletter we announce our latest partnership with new services and offers available to Blockpass users. We feature coverage of the Crypto A.M. Awards 2020 in London which took place last week and which Blockpass attended. We also focus on the third in our series of articles looking at the impact that new technology can have by examining a use case from recent history. In our 5 minutes With interview this week we sit down to talk to Alexander Savy, Partnership Executive about his work for Blockpass. We hope you stay safe from infection during the current viral pandemic, avoid unnecessary contact and make sure to wash your hands!

New Partnership Strikes Gold
We are delighted to announce a new partnership this week with J. Rotbart & Co., a company specialising in precious metals. This partnership represents a new way to use your Blockpass identity, with those who onboard with them able to access their services for purchasing, selling, storing and transporting precious metals and other tangible assets.

This is an exclusive offer available to those that sign up with their Blockpass identity. New members will be granted six months of gold storage completely free! Click here to read more about the announcement or visit the Blockpass Marketplace here or below to access the special offer.

London Celebrates Crypto and Blockchain Excellence
Last week in London, a number of people and companies working with cryptocurrencies, blockchain and AI in the UK gathered to celebrate and recognise outstanding achievements in a number of fields. The Crypto A.M. Awards 2020, hosted by CITY A.M., the London-based free business-focused newspaper.

Blockpass attended this event in the capacity of a sponsor, with Blockpass' CMO Hans Lombardo asked to present the ‘Deployment in Fintech’ award. The event was a great success and a positive note for the future of crypto and blockchain in the UK. Click here to read more about the event and Blockpass' involvement.

Current Offers Available to PASS Club Members

J Rotbart & Co.
Our latest partners, J. Rotbart & Co. provide a number of services for precious metals and other physical assets. Blockpass users who onboard will not only enjoy instant verification, but will also be eligible for the unique offer of six months worth of free gold storage with the company. Click here for more information and access to the special offer.

A token issuance and exchange platform. Blockpass will be awarding 400 PASS tokens to the first 1000 users of the ADAX platform who complete their KYC using the Blockpass App. Click here for more information on the special offer.

Legacy Trust
A custodian providing trusted custody for crypto and fiat assets for individuals and institutions. Blockpass users are entitled to a free Complete Custody account opening - worth US$2,500! Click here for more information.

How History's Influence Informs Innovation
The phrase 'those who do cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it' can be applied to industry as well as to life in general. Through the years, certain trends can be seen repeating whenever the chance for innovation or the advent of new technology comes along. By analysing these trends and extrapolating when new possibilities arise, the common pitfalls can be avoided and benefits can be taken advantage of.

In this article, we explore a case study of where new technology has overhauled an industry before, and what lessons can be taken from this and applied to other industries with the coming of blockchain technology. Click here to read the third in the series: The Importance of Embracing New Technology. Part Three: Examples From the Past.

KYC Connect®
We're constantly working to improve the functionality and usability of our flagship product, KYC Connect®. From new partners and new campaigns, to easy onboarding, we are making sure we offer the premium compliance gateway to financial services. We've designed the process to be as quick and simple as possible; getting started is free and only takes a few minutes. Visit the Admin Console to create your service now!

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Meet The Team
This week in our 5 Minutes With interview we sit down for a chat with Partnership Executive Alexander Savy to find out what he does as part of the Blockpass team. Click here to read about Alexander; find out what he does on a day-to-day basis and how he came to be involved with Blockpass.