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April 2020
In the newsletter this week we highlight a number of articles. The first focuses on a recent event where the GovChain Research project met to discuss and examine blockchain adoption and use case. As large numbers of the world continue to self-isolate to halt the spread of the current virus, we take a look at how a blockchain-based solution could help to slow or even prevent this type of situation from occurring again in the future. We also end our series of articles which investigate the impact of technology with a concluding look at what we can expect in the future. For our 5 minutes With interview this week we sit down to talk to Courtney Lau, Blockpass' Digital Marketing Manager. We hope you stay physically and mentally healthy at this time of crisis; follow official advice and make sure to talk to friends and family to ensure both you and they are coping with the difficult circumstances.

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Researching Blockchain Adoption and Potential
The GovChain Research project, part-funded by Blockpass, met recently on the Isle of Man to discuss the state of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and how it could be implemented into public services. The discussion included a focus on specific areas in which blockchain could be particularly beneficial, such as for criminal justice system records, benefit payments and other areas.

Co-led by Helen Disney, one of Blockpass' advisers, the group also reviewed how a number of governments and public sector bodies are utilising blockchain or DLT, picking out 20 specific countries from around the world to assess their receptiveness to the potential offered by these new technologies. Click here to read more about the event and the report that GovChain has produced.

A Solution for Crisis?
As the current pandemic continues to spread round the world and the lives of billions are affected, our latest blog article examines how the properties and uses of blockchain could be leveraged to create a global solution to tackle the spread of infection and ultimately save lives.

The possible application for crisis management range beyond healthcare though, to supply chain management, efficient and effective resource distribution and, crucially, the maintenance of data privacy for those involved. Click here to read the article and find out some of the possible benefits of using blockchain solutions to stymie pandemics.

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Lessons from History
Over the previous four instalments, this series has examined the various ways in which new technology disrupts the status quo of existing business and industries. From the benefits it can bring to the traps for the unwary, and from historical examples to how to plan for the future, these articles focus on impact of new technology, how to adapt to it and why it is so vital for businesses to do so.

In this final article, we conclude the series by looking at what we are likely to see across industries and new developments of technology in the coming years. Only time will tell what is truly to come but from examining even recent historical trends we can extrapolate likely outcomes. Click here to read the last in the series: The Importance of Embracing New Technology. Part Five: Conclusion.

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Meet The Team
This week in our 5 Minutes With interview we sit down for a chat with Digital Marketing Manager Courtney Lau to find out what she does as part of the Blockpass team. Click here to read about Courtney and her thoughts on blockchain technology.