Latest Blockpass Updates Add New Features and Improve QoL

June 2020
Only a few weeks after our previous update, Blockpass is happy to announce a new version of both the Blockpass Web ID and Blockpass Admin Console platforms. Besides bug fixes and tweaks, this latest update has new features for end users and merchants alike.

Expanding on Web ID options and improving the platform, there have been a number of bug fixes and enhancements for users. Issues and tweaks around expiry date meta-data, recaptchas, scrolling issues and using Indian National IDs have been remedied, and camera support on a number of devices has been improved. Alongside this, we have made improvements to the picture-taking process that should make taking a picture of both sides of documents easier. There is now a display summarising the ID documentation that you will require for this process, as well as a new feature allowing you to review the quality of your ID document photographs before sending them off for recognition services.

In addition to these changes, the Web ID is now able to verify National IDs from Morocco, the Ivory Coast and Qatar. We have also added some quality of life changes, allowing users to press the Enter key to save the current field, reducing the space taken up by the footer, prompting the opening of new tabs if the browser you are using blocks third party cookies, and displaying rejection explanations in red to improve visibility. 

For merchants, new options now allow you to change the main color of the widget with the one that fits your branding, and to prefill your email field by setting parameters in the url. Finally, the Web ID version is added into the subject of emails sent to support.

In big news for the Admin Console, we now have Stripe integration for online payments enabled! This means that Blockpass will not have to store any card numbers and enables automatic payment and receipts to cut down on time taken for processing transactions and use of Blockpass services. You can choose your payment method when selecting a payment plan (though this will not be required for the free plan).  

Linked to this, other new features for the Admin Console include online payment now being available by default for all services, a monthly payment receipt showing detailed usage per service, invoice download options available directly from the console and email notifications of updates to payment methods. 

A couple of fixes and adjustments have been made to the console, including an improved UI for plans and a new tab for billing information with company and payment method information. However, in a completely new development, we have also introduced webhooks. Currently, each service has access to three webhooks: user created, user ready to review, and user approved. These actions trigger a request that is sent to an endpoint (such as a Slack channel or a script to update a merchant's database) which has been designated by the merchant. In addition, we have begun a beta testing period for setting a webhook to notify service team members that some profiles are waiting for review. 

We are always looking for feedback and comments on our products and solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your experiences and any suggestions you have for future improvements. 

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