Meet the Team - 5 Minutes with Legal Counsel Bianca Guimaraes-Chadwick

August 2020
Join us as we sit down and have a chat with one of the Blockpass team to find out about them, their work, and their thoughts on blockchain technology.

Where are you from and where do you live now? 

Originally I’m from Brazil and now I’m living in Peterborough, England.


What is your work background and how did you first get involved in Blockpass?

I became a lawyer in 2004 and worked in corporate law in Brazil before moving to the UK where I had the opportunity to diversify my skills. I ran my own property management company and a small law practice before joining Blockpass in 2018.


What is your role at Blockpass and what does a typical day look like? 

Together with the compliance team my role is to work on the structure of Blockpass, making sure our contracts, policies and procedures are in line with applicable regulations. My day consists of attending meetings with the team and third parties as well as doing legal research and drafting.


What is something you’ve been proud of whilst working at Blockpass? 

It is incredible to see the product developing and adapting to better serve our customers. Blockpass is constantly looking for ways to make digital identity easier, more accessible and compliant and that makes me proud to be part of the team.


What do you think blockchain or crypto’s biggest potential is? 

Faster and more transparent transactions, be they financial, medical or educational transactions. 


Where do you see the industry headed over the next 5 years? 

More education on decentralised solutions is still needed and simplification of processes too. I believe that the industry will naturally get more user friendly in order to accommodate users that want to enjoy the benefits of blockchain but have no specific technical knowledge.


Which hobby or activity are you particularly enjoying at the moment and why? 

I have to say this pandemic made me rethink Kindle. I gave in a few months ago and now I cannot put it down. I cannot wait for the day when we can browse a bookshop again though.


If you could spend a day with anyone, real or fictional, who would it be and why? 

I would love to spend a day with Frasier because it would be hilarious to observe his fancy routine up close!