Meet the Team - 5 Minutes with Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri

October 2020
Join us as we sit down and have a chat with one of the Blockpass team to find out about them, their work, and their thoughts on blockchain technology.

Where are you from and where do you live now?
Originally I’m from the UK and I now live in Asia.
What is your work background and how did you first get involved in Blockpass?
I am a qualified lawyer and love the intersection of technology, decentralisation and compliance which was the route that led me to found Blockpass. 
What is your role at Blockpass and what does a typical day look like?
I’m the CEO of Blockpass. My typical day is overseeing some of the internal projects, partnerships and external sales within the company. It is a series of calls and stand up meetings to keep everything on track. 
What is something you’ve been proud of whilst working at Blockpass?
Well something I think the team should be proud about is offering a KYC system that can be setup in minutes by a business that is fully compliant. I am truly proud of our team: we have so many different skills, experiences and talents and it is an honour to work to bring together our collective understanding and render that into a brilliant product. The best products are always a marvellous synthesis of culture and perspectives. 
What do you think blockchain or crypto’s biggest potential is?
Only decentralisation. The ability to construct peer-to-peer economies that cut across borders and open the entire world to unstoppable instant commerce and interaction. Code is the only law in a truly peer-to-peer economy and it is transparent and fair (although faulty at times); in dramatic terms bitcoin is the Code of Hammurabi of the decentralised economy, the very first law of this new world. But the new and the old world will co-exist and we need to have gateways. Blockpass is that gateway: it is the ‘pass’ from the old to the new and back to the old and to cross that pass you need to be verified. 
Where do you see the industry headed over the next 5 years?
I think it will decentralise everything from energy to the internet to storage. This is the goal and the world needs it. The world needs it because the world needs resilience; the reason the impact of the financial meltdown was so hard on economies because there is no alternative financial system. With crypto now there is an alternative economy which can create a counterbalance to black swan events in the world like Covid or other. 
Which hobby or activity are you particularly enjoying at the moment and why?
I love any competitive sport. The trouble is nowadays I spend more time watching than doing sports due to Covid.
If you could spend a day with anyone, real or fictional, who would it be and why?
Prophet Muhammad and Buddha to understand their historical context and motivations.