Blockpass Newsletter - Christmas News and Greetings from Blockpass

December 2020
In our newsletter this week we bring you the latest news and the last update before Christmas. To kick off, we bring you the latest article, which looks at the important phenomenon of responsible gaming and the potential of Blockpass to enable it. In the next section we highlight another recent article, this one taking a look at the term 'Compliance'. As it's Christmas, we also have a festive take on a traditional holiday poem for you to enjoy. There are two new additions to the Blockpass Marketplace in this edition - Holdex and Moneyfold. Check out the latest opportunities with them but, in addition, don't forget to take advantage of our own current limited offer - over 90% discount for Blockpass' KYC plans! Finally, we wrap up with a chat with Courtney Lau, Blockpass' Digital Marketing Manager, in our 5 Minutes With section. We hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe Christmas wherever you are, and that 2021 is a better year for everyone!

Holdex Implements the VerifEye Badge Deepening Partnership with Blockpass

Enabling Responsible Gaming Through Verification

Online gaming is a growing business and one that many people enjoy; however, as with any regulated industry, regulations that have been implemented to keep people safe need to grow and evolve as new mediums are employed. In the gaming industry these can cover areas such as prevention of underage gaming, protection of vulnerable gamers (especially those suffering from addiction) and is referred to as enabling 'responsible gaming'.
In our latest article, we explore the details of responsible gaming, what measures can be put in place to protect people, and how Blockpass is able to provide solutions for these issues. Click here to read the latest blog and see how Blockpass can aid online gaming.

Holdex Implements the VerifEye Badge Deepening Partnership with Blockpass

What is Compliance?

In the latest of our series that looks into different terms and topics that are particularly important in Blockpass' sphere of influence, we investigate the term 'Compliance'. In the context of Blockpass' work, compliance has a specific meaning referring to the adherence to guidelines, processes and regulations.

In order to achieve compliance, measures need to be put in place which can potentially be very expensive and time consuming. Failure to comply often results in significant fines or even more stringent measures. Fortunately, Blockpass was created to mitigate the costs of compliance and avoid any possibility of running foul of regulations. Click here to find out more about compliance and how Blockpass enables it efficiently and effectively.

KYC For Remote Business
A Twist on a Holiday Classic

In what is becoming a Blockpass tradition, we've posted traditional Christmas verse which has been given a little Blockpass twist. For a bit of festive fun, we've released this adaptation of Clement Clarke Moore's 'A Visit From St Nicholas' - more commonly known as ''Twas the Night Before Christmas'.

Click here for the latest Blockpass Christmas offering - 'Twas the Night Before Pre-Sale.

Click here to read last year's Blockpass carol - a version of It Was On A Starry Night.

Click here to see the first one we created - based on the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Blockpass' Current Limited Offer

There is currently an amazing offer on from Blockpass in the form of a massive 90%+ discount to Blockpass' services! For six months, the price for companies to screen an individual will be starting as low as $0.12, an offer only possible due to the nature of our efficient, secure, innovative and time-saving identity verification service.

There is a trend, as the current pandemic impacts the way we work and live, to move to remote business and working. With this shift, being able to identify and verify customers or colleagues has never been more vital, and through our KYC Connect® solution we hope that businesses and employees alike find it simple to adapt. Click here for further details.

Current Offers Available to Blockpass Members

Moneyfold Ltd
Providing new ways to make secure electronic payments in the UK and recently graduating the FCA's regulatory sandbox, Moneyfold is the latest addition to the marketplace. Click here for more info.

Building user-satisfaction tools for Blockchain applications, long-time partners Holdex have recently implemented Blockpass' VerifEye to confirm new users' legitimacy. Click here for further details.

Action Coin Inc.

Action Coin owns and operates several online multi-vendor marketplaces, allowing businesses to sell online securely without the hassle and expense of maintaining an e-commerce site. Click here for more info.

Base Protocol
Described as the 'S&P 500 for crypto', BASE token represents the entire crypto market cap. As the Blockpass' latest partner, users can apply for their private pre-sale. Click here for further details.


The latest addition to the Blockpass Marketplace, Diabolo is a novel AI crypto social trading fund using blockchain for the certification of traders in its transparent trading solution. Click here for more info.

Crypto Experts 

A cryptocurrency OTC broker and consulting service in Canada, Crypto Experts offer a variety of services and are offering Blockpass users a 1% discount! Click here to access the services.

KYC Connect®

We're constantly working to improve the functionality and usability of our flagship product, KYC Connect®. From new partners and new campaigns, to easy onboarding, we are making sure we offer the premium compliance gateway to financial services. We've designed the process to be as quick and simple as possible; getting started is free and only takes a few minutes. Visit the Admin Console to create your service now!

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Meet The Team

In our 5 Minutes With interview this week we sit down to talk with Courtney Lau, Blockpass' Digital Marketing Manager. Click here to learn more about Courtney, what her typical day at Blockpass looks like and the work she's most proud of.