2021 Blockpass Onboarding Guide

July 2021

With multiple updates of the Blockpass KYC Connect® and the WebID services, there are quite a few changes in the onboarding process for our services and end users.

Our team has worked on a 2020 Blockpass KYC Connect® Onboarding guide today, the video demonstrates how a customer can simply set up with Blockpasss KYC Connect® and how an end user can register or participate in a project/service in less than 40 seconds.

If you want to use Blockpass

 If you are looking to integrate with the Blockpass KYC Connect®, the video will guide you through the setup in Blockpass Admin Console at

With the KYC Connect® Dashboard,  you get an onboarding management solution that enables your team to guide users and solve their verification and compliance issues, as well as have a clear view of your compliance team productivity and workflow.

If you are an end user

You can find out how to register for a merchant’s service, you can start watching here. The video will demonstrate step-by-step instructions to set up an identity, register for a merchant and how you can manage your identity. The process takes no more than 40 seconds. Once you have completed, you only need to wait for merchant’s approval after it has reviewed your information. Please be reminded verification sometimes takes over 24 hours due to the volume. 

After you watch this video, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].