PASS Club Update - Enjinstarter Debuts 11 Exciting IDO Lineups for Mar-Apr

March 2022

Welcome to the PASS Club Update - 4 March 2022

When you joined PASS Club, you can from your account opt in to receive rewards, product offers, content, and other offerings from Blockpass and our ecosystem partners.

Welcome to the PASS Club Update - 4 March 2022

When you joined PASS Club, we told you that you would get access to rewards, product offers, content, and other offerings from customers and ecosystem partners.

We're excited to be able to share some news from our partners at Enjinstarter, the Launchpad for Blockchain Games and the Metaverse...

11 Exciting IDO Lineups for Mar-Apr | Enjinstarter

February has been a big month for Enjinstarter, unveiling new and exciting features that pushes it beyond being your typical launchpad! Enjinstarter's focus is to bring more high quality projects and features to help bring you further into the Metaverse. 

Here's a sneak peak at the expansive 11 IDO lineup for March!

1. Time Raiders
Are you ready for the greatest NFT treasure hunt of all time?

Prepare to jump through time with Time Raiders, a fast-paced shoot and loot game, similar to "Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines," the "Diablo" series, and the "Borderlands"🎮 Set in the year 2247, resources run short, and society has further divided itself into haves and have-nots. 

They are without the land of plenty, the food or resources. At these times where there's an impending doom of humanity's division, players of the game can portal across time to hunt for NFT treasures that can be brought back to the future to craft new items, sell to fund activities, or be used to power up characters and weapons.

Brought to you by Utopian Game Labs production - the same team that was involved in 25 mainstream video game titles like Star Wars: Clone Wars, Doctor Who: Return to Earth, Aliens and the Die Hard Trilogy on multiple platforms including Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Set to be released in early Q2 2022.

Life on other planets and galaxies are no longer a mystery.

A hybrid mix of Escape Velocity, Homeworld, and real time RPG games. Combining classic shooter action with strategy in-game co-op, building, and collecting.  

A cross between Homeworld and Escape Velocity, blending classic space-shooter combat with open-world strategy and in-game building ideas similar to those found in real-time RPG games.

Take on the role of a pirate, board and loot disabled vessels, or take a more diplomatic approach in the nearest cantina!

Plutonians is U.A. Fabrica's flagship metaverse game and it hopes to grow and elevate play-to-earn gaming and the Metaverse to new heights for blockchain games!

3. ritestream
The ecosystem for creation, monetization, and consumption of Film & TV content!

With proven traction of $6M Annual Recurring Revenue (2021), growing at 10% monthly; with more than 82,000 hours of content; and a cumulative reach of 100 million+ consumers — make way as we welcome a dedicated platform for both Filmmakers & Fans through ritestream launchpad 📽

Get ready - not only to discover new motion pictures - but actually take part in funding the projects & creators that you are passionate about! Backed by experienced veterans in the Film & TV industry: Emmy Award nominee - Riaz Mehta; Co-created Fashion TV - Nathalie Morley; and global media expert at Disney, Fox, and Hallmark - Eddy Tan.

Aiming to lead the way to global adaptation of NFT-based Film & TV content in the real world and in the #metaverses.

The ultimate metaverse fighting championship is here!

Get ready for battle ⚔️ 

Do you remember playing Street Fighter, Virtual Fighter, and Soul Calibur in arcade? 

MetaFighter is a skill-based Play-to-Earn fighting game which captures the essence of arcade fighting classics while delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their combat prowess. 

Players can purchase, lend or rent: fighters, arenas, skins, and superpowers. Comes with a vibrant NFT marketplace and lets players stake tokens to gain an edge on their opponents. Like any other arcade fighting game, 

Metafighter has its own set of fighters with epic, unique backstories that bring their timeline to life. Unleash your combo moves and fighting skills! Ready for the nostalgia of arcade games but with the added bonus of earning at the same time?

World’s First NFT project with Rarity Upgrade Platform!

The first NFT project with a Rarity upgrade and an exclusive 20,001 NFT collection! With a team of award-winning, Internationally acclaimed Cannes Lions artists! These artists have worked with Disney and designed the Olympics' key visuals.

Customize your own higher-level NFT asset on the Rarity Upgrade Platform. Acquire super-rare traits and boost the rarity index of your NFT shark to the sky! With these quality premium collectible Shark art you could upgrade and increase their rarity making them worth more and more unique.  

Upgrade it!
Race with it!
Sell it at higher prices!

Join the race into the deep!

Get lost playing in a jaw-dropping new reality where missions become investment opportunities!

Cyberpunk #P2E blockchain game created to immerse players in a dreamlike futuristic metaverse.

Set in a dark and dystopian alternate earth, Reign of Terror takes place in an extremely stratified society where equality is an unknown concept. A game of survival of the fittest, $ROT utilizes NFTs in every aspect of the game, immerses players in P2E missions and introduces DeFi mechanics as part of the gameplay.

Backed by experienced veterans in the NFT and gaming industry: 10-year game industry veteran - Joseph;  Pioneer in the VR and AR industry - Seewan; Worked on Hollywood IPs like Suicide Squad, The Maze Runner, and Wonder Woman - Vissch; and esports advisor - Alvin.

Behold, the Ape Metaverse!

Going Ape is creating an NFT-powered virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain and digital currency. It holds a collection of 10,000 evolutionary NFTs that are all one-of-a-kind.

Users can freely move around the APE METAVERSE, including a 3D open world, an NFT marketplace, and a play-to-earn game using virtual APE avatars!

Evolution is coming to Enjinstarter! 🦍

The evolution of the internet is now on the horizon!

The world’s best metaverse engine and powered by NFT — meet the Ozone Metaverse — a proprietary metaverse engine that is:

- Built for everyone
- High-performance cloud
- And a fully-customisable and powerful metaverse experience.

The ozone metaverse includes a robust NFT marketplace for bringing NFTs to life. This allows you to explore worlds in AR/ VR, mint NFTs for any asset — including social tokens That provide access and governance mechanisms across the metaverse.

Introducing the ‘Uber and AirBNB’ of arcade!

CRYPCADE - The functional fullstack open entertainment metaverse on Blockchain.

Powered by MYRA AI, CrypArcade is based on skilled gamers, offering classic arcade games as well as high-graphic PvP games and tournaments.

Think arcade, but way better! Your own escape world. Your metaverse.

Users and partners will be able to purchase plots of land inside Crypcade City. Players can also compete with fellow players in daily and weekly challenges on our CrypCasino, and can participate in gaming tournament on our CrypArcade, as well as compete for large prize competitions by simply playing the games.

Welcome to the colosseum!

Since the days of ancient Rome, ordinary residents have enjoyed fierce battles in the Coliseum. Are you ready to become a futuristic gladiator?

Boss fighter is the innovative gaming show and the metaverse built as the unique asymmetric multiplayer game where a VR and PC can fight!

Hop on to #P2E battles to become a futuristic superstar gladiator, win valuable cosmetic items, skins, and other rewards, and are stored on the blockchain and tradable on the marketplace!

Now you can be the fastest and become legendary!

Hydraverse is a combination of #metaverse 3D NFT Play-to-Earn PvP Dragon Racing game where players purchase dragon eggs that can be bred and trained to join multiple Hydra Cup races.

Taking advantage of the blockchain and AR/VR technology, Hydraverse aims to bring players high quality visual experiences than ever.

With the ultimate mission to unite & save the tribe of Hydraland, get ready to become the fastest and legendary dragon trainer!

Think you can tame even the fiercest dragon? Now you can!

Playing with joyfulness and earning a great amount of money is now easier than ever before. Hydraverse is a metaverse PVP dragon racing game with high-advanced AR/VR features that outperforms NFT games.

Behold and prepare yourself for the upcoming events in our metaverse world. Hydraland is waiting for our Dragon Trainers to uncover the wild area of fantastic mythic features!

Learn more about Enjinstarter.

Should you have any more questions or concerns regarding IDOs, or anything EJS-related, don’t hesitate to reach out here [email protected] or check out To stay up to date on latest announcements, follow Enjinstarter on Twitter and join the Enjinstarter community on Discord!

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