Hark Hear the Knells

December 2022

Hark hear the knells 

Of legal bells

Warning us all 

“Comply or fall

Foul of the law

We all foresaw

FTX crash

Gone in a flash”

We’re next it’s clear

This is their fear

With worried tones 

Checking their phones

What's AML 

How can we tell

Are users real

What is the deal

Oh how they pound

Fists on the ground

Searching online

Until they find

Joyf’ly they shout 

Check this one out 

It’s not too dear

Compliance here

There’s Privacy with ID in Blockpass

Even for unhosted wallets - Blockpass

Onboarded see 

Processed safely 

KYC pass

Blockpass is class!

[Repeat from the beginning x2]

Ding, dong, they’re here,

Regs, come, pre-pare

Hark hear the knells…