Boston TokenFest Event

September 2018
There was more than a feeling amongst attendees at the Boston Token Fest that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have a lot to offer. Over the two-day event at the Seaport World Trade Centre, talks were held through the day on three stages with topics ranging from different types of tokens to regulation, and blockchain for healthcare to lightning networks.

On both days, Blockpass CMO Dr. Hans Lombardo presented about Blockpass and its potential to change how KYC is performed. On the Thursday evening, Dr. Lombardo represented Blockpass on a panel discussing ‘Blockchain Empowerment and Innovation’, describing the importance of self-sovereign identity and the need for improvement of KYC to enable personal data to be put back under the control of the user, particularly in the blockchain ecosystem. On the second day, Dr. Lombardo showcased the Blockpass Identity Network in a tech demo, answering questions on its current uses and potential in various industries.

Despite the recent dip in cryptocurrency markets, enthusiasm for crypto and blockchain projects was high and the event hall was packed with people talking to exhibitors. The Blockpass booth was busy with interested parties discussing its possible uses and partnerships with companies working in industries such as education, investment and for projects carrying out token offerings or requiring KYC services.

Networking and discussions continued outside the exhibition centre, with evening events and planned socialising opportunities allowing for discussions to take place in more informal settings such as baseball stadiums, bars and clubs, including Boston’s Club Royale where attendees met on the last day for a night of dancing and some last-minute conversations.

Blockpass continues to attend events globally in order to provide information on our goals, services and demonstrate how our products can help improve compliance and regulatory processes. You can always contact us with questions via our social media channels and we hope to see you at one of the next events we are at, such as the following:

Blockchain Identity Lab Launch – 26 September – Edinburgh
ScotSoft – 27 September – Edinburgh
BIL 2018 Conference – 28 September – Edinburgh
BIL Hack#1 – 29-30 September – Edinburgh
Consumer Identity World – 29-31 October – Amsterdam
Fintech Week HK – 29 October -2 November – Hong Kong
World Crypto Con –30 October -2 November – Las Vegas
World Blockchain Forum – 8-9 November – New York