The Blockpass Advisory Board Expands

October 2018
Over the course of the last month, Blockpass officially welcomed four new advisors to its team. Ranging from influential VCs to top researchers in the crypto space, each advisor comes with a unique perspective to contribute to the Blockpass project.

As we are sure the Blockpass community is aware, when it comes to advisors, quality is always better than quantity. In this case, however, we are getting quality in great quantity. As a team, we are very proud to introduce Helen Disney, Co-founder of Unblocked and Founder of Dots Ventures; Dr. Bill Buchanan OBE, Professor in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University; Liam Bell, Research Lead at the Blockpass Identity Lab (BIL) and Eddy Travia, CEO and Co-founder of Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX:COIN), a London-listed company.

Helen Disney

Helen Disney, a 2016 member of the Innovate Finance Women in Fintech Power List, is a top blockchain educator, connector, and communicator. A serial entrepreneur, Helen founded Unblocked Events in early 2017 with the mission of bringing decentralized technologies to a greater audience.

With its weekly blog and frequent events, Unblocked quickly established itself as a go-to source of information regarding blockchain for a non-technical business audience. Disney very recently founded Dot Ventures, and is always looking for new ways to promote innovation in the blockchain space.

Disney is a highly skilled digital marketer who has a proven track record harnessing social media to build audiences and brand identities. Communication skills like Disney’s are what it takes to truly bring blockchain into the mainstream.

Dr. Bill Buchanan

Dr. Bill Buchanan OBE, PHD, FBCS is a Professor in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University, and a Fellow of the BCS and the IET. A well-respected public intellectual, Professor Buchanan is frequently called upon for TV and radio interviews related to computer security, and has given evidence to both the UK and Scottish Parliament.

Dr. Buchanan’s main research focus is on information sharing, such as using Trust and Governance Policies, threat analysis, cryptography, and triage within digital forensics. This has led to several World-wide patents, and in three highly successful spin-out companies: Zonefox (; Symphonic Software (; and Cyan Forensics (

Recently, Blockpass and Edinburgh Napier University joined forces to build the Blockchain Identity Lab (BIL). Dr. Buchanan is a co-founder of the lab and directs its research and operations. In his advisory role at Blockpass, Dr. Buchanan will not only contribute research findings, but also a wealth of expertise in bringing clarity to the all-too-secure topic of cybersecurity.

Liam Bell

Liam Bell is a software engineer and cybersecurity expert who leads research at the Blockpass Identity Lab. Currently completing his Ph.D studies at Edinburgh Napier University, Bell already has a wealth of industry experience and business know-how.

Bell is particularly skilled in bringing academia together with business realties. This expertise will be essential as Blockpass applies the Identity Lab’s findings to its products. As a researcher, Bell is particularly interested in matters concerning privacy enhancing technologies including zero-knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption.

Eddy Travia

There are a few names in the Blockchain world that require little introduction, and one of them is that of Eddy Travia, blockchain pioneer investor and founder of Coinsilium, an investment company focused on blockchain technology. Coinsilium promotes growth through investment, acceleration and development and its shares (COIN:NEX) are quoted on NEX Exchange, the recognised stock exchange in London.  

Coinsilium is a venture builder, investor and accelerator that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies through its consortium of top-tier investors, industry thought leaders and executive managers.

A frequent keynote speaker, Travia is a crypto evangelist who has frequently been cited as one of the most influential people in tech. A sought-after consultant, Travia is especially skilled at making token economies work for companies and their clients.