Will using public services ever become as easy as ordering a book from Amazon?

March 2020
Blockpass advisor Helen Disney recently co-led the launch of the Blockpass funded GovChain Research project in the Isle of Man. Disney shared some of the interesting discussions about blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) that  can be implemented widely in public services. 

In the discussion, GovChain Research compared ‘apples with apples’ so that an observer could look at different jurisdictions at a glance and see how they are doing, based on a simple traffic light system. The discussion focused on the adoption potential in the Isle of Man. The project  board pointed out some possible areas ripe for exploration including registries (e.g. a vehicle registry), criminal justice system records, environmental traceability, benefit payments, public bond fundraising (an intriguing new prospect) and, crucially, self-sovereign ID management.

The GovChain project examined the current state of implementation of blockchain by governments and public sector bodies around the world and factors that are holding up progress. The GovChain Research team mapped the regulatory and policy environments of 20 countries around the world (spread across Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Caribbean and South America) to assess their degree of friendliness towards blockchain – and cryptocurrencies more broadly.

Blockpass offers digital identity verification for businesses that participate in regulated industries, including crypto wallets and exchanges, virtual banks, traditional financial institutions and gaming. Blockpass provides an alternative process to cumbersome, repetitive and expensive Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification through an easy-to-use mobile application and seamless merchant dashboard. For individuals, Blockpass is a secure, user-centric gateway to financial services and other regulated offerings, allowing one click KYC submission. Blockpass alleviates the pain of opening new accounts and redoing KYC over and over. Registered in Hong Kong, Blockpass IDN is a joint venture of Infinity Blockchain Labs and Chain of Things.


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