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July 2020
In the newsletter this week we have some new updates to share with you. Expanding on a recent overview of some of the groundbreaking work that has come out of the Blockpass Identity Lab, this week we reveal details of a number of research papers that have been worked on by members of the lab. We also highlight our most recent update which added a number of features and improvements to our Admin Console and Web ID. A new Marketplace option for users is featured below in Comistar, with a special offer currently available to Blockpass users. We take a look back at a previous article which examines KYC in the hospitality and talk with Office Admin and HR Assistant Vo Thi Thanh Vy in our 5 Minutes With section. Keep reading below for more details and have a great week. 

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Additional Research From the Blockpass Identity Lab

Following on from our overview of a paper written by researchers at the Blockpass Identity Lab recently, we have published news of some additional works released by members of the BIL. Whereas before the paper focused on COVID-19 and contact tracing, the research in these papers cover different topics, including distributed trust, machine learning, privacy, Internet of Things and a number of other areas.

The lab continues to undertake groundbreaking research using cryptography to enhance privacy and possible solutions in all manner of industries. Click here to read about the recently revealed papers, including 'A Privacy Preserving Distributed Ledger Framework for  Global Human Resource Record Management: The Blockchain Aspect.'

Admin Console and Web ID Updates

Continuing in the development of our products and services, Blockpass has released the latest version of our Admin Console and Web ID solutions, adding new features, improving its usability and providing fixes and tweaks where necessary. We will continue to develop these and other services and welcome and feedback and suggestions you may have.

In this latest update includes a multitude of changes, including improvements to display and picture-taking, expanding and fixing National ID options, merchant customising options, Stripe integration for online payments and the all-new webhooks amongst others. Click here to read the about the latest developments and see the full changes.

Current Offers Available to PASS Club Members

The latest offer on the markerplace is from Comistar, providing its Estonian e-Residency: Zero to Scale solution for business management, with €75 off for Blockpass users! Click here for details.


Recently come to the Blockpass Marketplace, AdvancedFX is a business solution to transfer foreign money 24/7 and for private customers to manage payments overseas. Click here for more info.


A regulated cryptocurrency tax compliance and advisory services company based in the United Kingdom. Cryptotax also offers planning, reporting and other options. Click here to access the services.

Our recent partners, TOZEX, is a cryto asset platform for token issuance which has just begun its pre-registration period and offers its services on the marketplace. Click herefor more information.

Slogold provides offshore incorporation services and consultancy services. Blockpass users are entitled to a 10% discount for incorporation of offshore companies. Click here for further details.


A fully compliant Estonian Crypto Exchange License registration service, MAXCORP is offering Blockpass users free project structure analysis. Click here for more information on the offer.

Uses and Implementations of KYC

An important part of Blockpass' goals is to provide informative or educational articles around the areas we are involved with, namely cryptocurrencies, blockchains, identity and regulations. One of the most significant topics of conversation arises when looking at Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Though KYC and AML apply to a wide range of industries, we offer insight into how they can be applied to specific areas by examining how they can be used, what issues they solve and where examples can be seen One such article previously focuses on the hospitality industry. Click here for a read about KYC for hospitality.

KYC Connect®

We're constantly working to improve the functionality and usability of our flagship product, KYC Connect®. From new partners and new campaigns, to easy onboarding, we are making sure we offer the premium compliance gateway to financial services. We've designed the process to be as quick and simple as possible; getting started is free and only takes a few minutes. Visit the Admin Console to create your service now!

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Meet The Team

In our 5 Minutes With interview this week we sit down to talk to Vo Thi Thanh Vy, Office Admin and HR Assistant at Blockpass. Click here to find out about Vo, her work as part of the Blockpass team and what she thinks about blockchain technology's benefits.